Classification of Human Being from Kingdom to Specie

Classification of Human from Kingdom to Specie


Kingdom = Animalia


Phylum = Chordata


Class = Mammalia


Order = Primates


Family = hominidae


Genus = Homo


Species = Homo Sapiens


Note: The question of whether the distance learning form of rational education was, probably, since the first correspondence faculties appeared. Opponents of this form of training were, are and will be. As the main argument, they lead to insufficient control over the distance student’s education, as a result of which the level of knowledge obtained differs significantly from the level of knowledge of the student who graduated from the full-time department. Agree with this statement or reject it is quite difficult. In my opinion, the quality of the training of a specialist depends, first of all, on the motivation that prompted a person to choose for himself this or that specialty. One of the motivations is the vital uncertainty, as a result of which a young man or a girl, after obtaining a certificate of secondary education, does not have clearly defined plans for their future life. Their goal is not to obtain any specific specialty, but to obtain higher education in general. This type of people, learning by any of the forms of education, will not achieve certain results in studies and, subsequently, in a career. These people, basically, choose the correspondence form of training just because of less control and load.

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