What are the Characteristics of Sound define them

Characteristics of Sound



The characteristic properties of sound by which we can distinguish between noise and music, shrill and grave sounds or sound of men and women are known as characteristics of sound. The properties of sound are given below:




Loudness is the magnitude of auditory sensation produce by sound.

Intensity can be defined as the energy carried by the sound waves through a unit area placed perpendicular to the direction of waver per second.



Factors Effecting Loudness of Sound:


Loudness depends on following factors:

– Area of Vibration of Body: Greater will be the surface area more will be the loudness.

– Amplitude of Motion of Vibrating Object: Greater will be the amplitude, more will be the loudness.

– Density of Medium: Loudness is directly proportional to the density of medium.

– Motion and Direction: If source of sound is moving towards the listener loudness will be greater or if wind supports the velocity of sound the loudness will be greater.


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