Is Carbon Dioxide Released in Aerobic Respiration

Is Carbon Dioxide Released in Aerobic Respiration


  1. i) Set up the apparatus as shown in fig (* see fig form book)


  1. ii) Pour concentrated soda lime (KOH) in U tube and set in the bottle with the help of glass tube in such a way that it is in contact with the limewater present in the bottle.


iii) Put a plant or small animal (mouse) under the conical flask.


  1. iv) Use a suction pump to suck out the air through delivery tube. This causes air to be drawn into flask.


  1. v) Ensure that air provided to rat is free of carbon dioxide.


  1. vi) We shall observe that limewater turned milky due to carbon dioxide.


vii) This carbon dioxide is released by rat during respiration.



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