What are the Branches of Biology and their Definition

Branches of Biology and their Definition


Biology has following branches:




It is the study of form and structure of an organism. It has two types


  1. i) External morphology is the study of external parts.


  1. ii) Internal morphology is the study of internal parts. It is also called anatomy.




It is study of tissues with microscope.


Cell Biology


It is the study of structure and function of cells.




It is the study of different parts of organism.




It is the study of relationship between organism and their environment. It is also called environmental biology.




It is the study of classification and naming of living things.




It is study of all changes from zygote to organisms is born or hatched.




It is the study of genes and transfer of characters from parents to offspring.




It is the study of fossils. It has two types:


  1. i) Palaeo-botany is the study of fossils of plants.
  2. ii) Palaeo-zoology is the study of fossils of animals.


Fossils are the dead remains of organisms preserved in rocks.




It is the study of chemical reactions taking place in living things.




It is the study of practical application of organism for the welfare of mankind.


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