Boy Scouts Essay in Simple English

Boy Scouts Essay in English


Boy Scouts is a useful movement for the youth. It was founded by lord Baden Powell in 1910. It soon spread in the whole world. It is appreciated for its simple and noble objectives. A boy, wishing to become a scout is asked to take an oath. He has a keen sense of duty and loyality to God Almighty, to his country and to his people.

A boy scout has many qualities. He bears a good moral character. He enjoys a sound physical and mental health. He is always ready to help the injured, the needy and the helpless. He respects the feelings of others and always speaks gently. Moreover, a scout has the qualities of leadership. He is firm and noble in command.

He is humble and obedient. A scout learns many useful skills and crafts. He learns the use of knife and axe. He can tie various knots. He also knows how to cook food. A scout is a supporter of brotherhood and good-will among people. In peace and in distress, a boy scout shows courage, responsibility and self-confidence.

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