What is Biology Definition in English

What is Biology Definition


The scientific study of living things in which all aspects of living things are discussed


The word biology has been derived from two Greek words:


  1. i) Bios means, Life


  1. ii) Logos means discussion, thought, knowledge etc.


Note: The disadvantages of correspondence education are, first of all, the absence of a postponement for the army. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the military commissariat in time and have all the necessary documents in their hands. In addition, the correspondence form of education is scanty for student life. Most likely, there will be no parties, no bright memories of their student years. Not every specialty can be obtained: you can become a logist, journalist, programmer, but, for example, foreign languages ​​can not be taught that way. Having weighed all the pros and cons, one can come to the conclusion that there are more advantages in such training. So, correspondence education is the best option for a modern busy person. Especially the aforesaid concerns recent graduates. Another thing is when older people are trained. They are distinguished by the desire for knowledge, purposefulness and a real desire to get higher education. It should be noted that the evening departments differ in the age composition of the students.

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