The Bear by Anton Chekhov Summary

The Bear Summary


The play is powerful farce. The writer has exposed the feudal mentality through a delightful comedy. Popova, the heroine, is a beautiful young widow.


She is in deep mourning for her husband who died seven months ago. She wants to show the world how faithful a wife she is. She has shut herself up in her bower refuses to see visitors.


Smirnov, a middle-aged landlord, calls on her for recovery of a loan taken by her husband. She tries to put him off. He insists to see her. So she has to see him. He asks for his money. She tells him to come day after tomorrow.


Bitter quarrels as follows.

During the quarrel Smirnov suggests that she should marry instead of wasting her life away for her disloyal husband. Popova gives in because she does not like to lose such a good offer.


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