What are the Basic Characteristics of Funaria

Basic Characteristics of Funaria


Habitat: – It is common moss and found growing at damp places.


Size: – Its size is half to an inch.



It consists of three parts.


  1. i) A vertical stem like structure.


  1. ii) Leaf like photosynthetic structure.


iii) Multicellular rhizoids arising from the lower side. It absorbs water and salts.




  1. i) Male $ex organ (antheridia) is present at the tip branch.


  1. ii) Female $ex organ (archegonia) is present at the tip branch.




  1. i) Fertilization occur in archegonium in the presence of water.


  1. ii) Embryo and then sporophyte develop into zygote.


iii) The sporophyte gets water, salts and food from parent plant.


  1. iv) Sporophyte consists of Foot, Seta, and Capsule.


Alternation of Generation: – Funaria has well defined alternation of generation.


HapIoid gametophyte generation is dominant. Diploid sporophyte attached to and more less dependent on the gametophyte.


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