BA English Poems Notes Punjab University

BA English Poems Notes with reference to the context, explanation and summaries.

Here are the BA English Poems Notes of Punjab University, all the poems are arranged in order and you view them separately by following the criteria below. This is actually for BA Students so that they can perform well in the examination. Let us know in comment section if you feel any kind of deficiency in BA English Poems Notes.

You can read online BA English Poems Notes and you can also make a print of these notes.

BA English Poems Notes Complete

1- Leisure

Leisure By William Davies

2- Tartary

Tartary By Walter De La Mare

3- New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution By Elizabeth Sewell

4- Woman Work

Woman Work By Maya Angelou

5- The Rebel

The Rebel By D.J. Enright

6- Patriot Into Traitor

Patriot Into Traitor By Robert Browning

7- The Huntsman

The Huntsman By Edward Lawbury

8- One Art

One Art By Elizabeth Bishop

9- The Solitary Reaper

The Solitary Reaper By William Wordsworth

10- All The World’s A Stage

All The World’s A Stage By William Shakespeare

11- Departure And Arrival

Departure And Arrival By T.S. Eliot

12- A Poison Tree

A Poison Tree By William Blake

13- Because I Could Not Stop For Death

Because I Could Not Stop For Death By Emily Dickinson

14- Lights Out

Lights Out By Edward Thomas

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