Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction in Physics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction


Advantages of Friction


  1. We could not walk without the friction between our shoes and the ground. As we try to step forward, we push your foot backward. Friction holds our shoe to the ground allowing you to walk.


  1. Writing with a pencil requires friction. We could not hold a pencil in our hand without friction.


  1. A nail stays in wood due to friction


  1. Nut and bold cal hold due to friction.



Disadvantages of Friction


  1. In any type of vehicle such as a car, boat or airplane-excess friction means that extra fuel must be used to power the vehicle. In other words, fuel or energy is being wasted because of the friction.


  1. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that the amount of energy remains constant. Thus, the energy that is “lost” to friction in trying to move an object is really turned to heat energy. The friction of parts rubbing together creates heat.


  1. Due to the friction a machine has less frequency 100%.


  1. Due to friction machine catch fire.


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