9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

9th Physics Guess Paper


Short Questions Guess

Short Question

  • Branches
  • Scientfc Notations & Exampl
  • Base/Derivd Units & Exampls
  • Physical & Elctronic Balanc
  • Signifcant Figurs
  • Zero Eror
  • Rest & Motion
  • Scalar &Vector
  • Linear & Random/ Circular & Rotatry Motion
  • Distance & Displacemnt
  • Acelration
  • SpeedVlocity
  • Dynamics
  • Mass & Weight
  • Inertia
  • Newton 1st & 3rd Law
  • Friction & Its Reducing
  • Limiting Friction&Eq
  • Centriptal & Centrifugal Force
  • Cream Seprators
  • Bankng Of Road
  • Head2tail Rule
  • Momnt Arm
  • Torque & Unit
  • Centr Of GravityCouple
  • Like & Unlik Forcs
  • Couple
  • Stable & Neutral Equlibrum
  • Difernt Valus Of G
  • Law Of Gravitation & Eq
  • Uses Of Comuncation Satelite
  • Enrgy & 4typs
  • Work & Joul
  • Power & Watt
  • K.E & P.E

Guess for Long Questions



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