9 Class Computer Guess Paper 2021

9 Class Computer Guess


Complete 9th Notes

Short Question

  • Define analog computer.
  • Convert 1 MB into GB.
  • Define application software.
  • Define electronic data processing.
  • Define desktop computer.
  • Define Floppy Disk.
  • Define information.
  • Define Hardware. Write names of three different hardware units.
  • Define low-level language.
  • Define mouse event. Write names of different mouse events.
  • Define microcomputer.
  • Define Output unit.
  • Define Secondary Memory.
  • Define pocket computer.
  • Define secondary memory.
  • Define the computer code.
  • Define System Unit.
  • Define Unicode.
  • Describe a programming language.
  • Describe a Computer Language.
  • Describe Mother Board.
  • Describe the use of data bus.
  • Describe motherboard.
  • Differentiate between Binary and Decimal Number System.
  • Differentiate between High Level and Low Level Languages.
  • Differentiate between bit and byte.
  • For what purpose supercomputer is usually used?
  • How are computers used in retailing applications?
  • Give examples of important secondary memory.
  • How did microprocessor affect computer?
  • How does a laser Printer Works?
  • How does a dot matrix printer work?
  • How does the abacus work?
  • How were punched cards used?
  • How integrated circuits are better than transistor?
  • LCD and CRT stands for what?
  • State the purpose of Seek Time.
  • Name different types of system software
  • State the purpose of Trackball.
  • What are mouse events? Name different types of mouse events?
  • What are mnemonics?
  • What are Numeric Keys?
  • What do UNIVAC and ENIAC stand for?
  • What are the advantages of using trackball instead of mouse?
  • What do you know about ENIAC?
  • What do you mean by computer hardware?
  • What do you know about Joystick?
  • What do you mean by Logic Unit?
  • What do you mean by UNIVAC?
  • What do you mean by system software?
  • What id Difference Engine?
  • What is CRT Monitor?
  • What is basic difference between keyboard and type writer?
  • What is decimal number system?
  • What is function of Alt key?
  • What is difference Engine?
  • What is idea of modern stored program?
  • What is number system? Write the names of two number systems.
  • What is meant by computer storage?
  • What is PROM?
  • What is system unit?
  • What is PROM? For what purpose it is used?
  • What is the difference between Data and Information?
  • What is the difference between primary and secondary memory?
  • What is the difference between Numeric and Alphanumeric Keys?
  • What is the importance of Computer in Banking?
  • What is the purpose of “Caps Lock Key”?
  • What is the importance of computer in the field of banking?
  • What is the role of computer is distance learning?
  • What is the use of input unit?


Also, if you think that after graduation you will be able to write programs, games, websites or something else, then I’m very upset you, all four years you will solve trivial tasks from textbooks that intersect with little more than real combat experience as. That is, all the same, at work you will have to fill the same bumps as a person without a higher education, since you are there under approximately equal conditions, and of course, the industry is very dynamic, and you need to first draw up a program for a university, then hone it, and then and approve it. And after all this, still 4 years must pass before this knowledge is received by you. That is, after graduation, even if you do not take into account the lack of experience in developing real projects, you will speak languages ​​and frameworks 5 years ago. Do you remember what happened 5 years ago? I can give a simple example, 5 years ago there was still no now popular swift language used by ayios developers. 5 years ago, no one dreamed of decentralization and cryptocurrencies. 5 years ago, we did not have such advanced self-learning neural networks.

But for the sake of justice I have to tell myself, the lack of education does not interfere with my work. BUT at the same time, I still get a crust on the correspondence, although the correspondence is devoid of the main advantage of education in it, I decided to get this education. Since it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. Most of my friends also work without higher education, one even managed to get into a web studio with absolutely no knowledge and learned everything on the fly. To go to study or not is up to you.

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