9 Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021

9th Chemistry Guess


Questions # 29

  • Write any five characteristics of mixture.
  • What is meant by mixture?
  • State the reason soft drink is a mixture and water is a compound.
  • Why does ice float on water?
  • Find out the molecules in 9 gram of water.
  • State any three difference between compound and mixture.
  • How does homogeneous mixture differ from heterogeneous mixture?
  • State three reasons why do you think air is a mixture and water a compound.
  • Why does not the suspension form homogeneous mixture?

Questions # 30

  • Describe the phenomenon of diffusion in liquids along the factors which influence it.
  • Define diffusion.
  • What is difference between diffusion and effusion?
  • Describe the factors which influence the diffusion of liquid.

Questions # 31

  • Write the name of factors which effect evaporation.
  • Define evaporation.
  • What do you mean by evaporation, how it is affected by surface area?
  • What is difference between boiling point and evaporation?
  • What is the relationship between evaporation and boiling point of liquid?
  • Evaporation causes cooling. Explain.

Questions # 32

  • What did you mean by the Thermal conductivity of the metallic compounds?
  • What do you mean by metallic character?

Questions # 33

  • How can a non-spontaneous reaction be carried out in an electrolytic cell? Discuss in detail.
  • What are spontaneous and non spontaneous reactions?

Questions # 34

  • Distinguish between amorphous solid and crystalline solid.
  • Define crystalline solid and give its two examples.

Questions # 35

  • What is difference between colloids and suspensions?
  • How can you justify the milk is colloid?
  • Why are the colloids quite stable?
  • What is meant by colloid? Give two examples.

Questions # 36

  • Why are liquids mobile?
  • Write two properties of liquids.

Questions # 37

  • Write four properties of covalent compounds.
  • What are ionic and covalent compounds?
  • Ionic compounds are solids justify.
  • Write two properties of solids.

Questions # 38

  • Give the trend of ionization energy in a period.
  • Define Ionization energy.
  • Why ionization energy Na is less than Mg?
  • Why the ionization energy of Na more than K?
  • What is second ionization energy and how is it represented?

Questions # 39

  • What are radioactive isotopes?
  • Write isotopes of chlorine.
  • Give one example each of the use of radioactive isotope in medicine and radio therapy.
  • Describe some major applications of radioactive isotopes in our surroundings.
  • Write down any three isotopes of uranium.
  • What is isotope? Discuss the structure of Isotope with suitable examples.
  • Give the applications of isotopes in the field of radiotherapy and medicines.
  • Describe the isotope of hydrogen with diagram.
  • What is an isotope?

Questions # 40

  • Write at least two physical properties of magnesium.
  • What is meant by magnesium ribbon and where it use?
  • Write down any two uses of magnesium.

Questions # 41

  • Briefly describe the electrolytic refining of copper.
  • What is electrolytic cell briefly describe its construction and working?
  • Give the difference between electrolytic cell electro chemical cells.

Questions # 42

  • What is inolarity? Write its formula.
  • Describe the significance of chemical formula.

Questions # 43

  • Write different types of molecules What is the difference molecule and molecular ion?
  • What is a molecule?

Questions # 44

  • Write a note on the construction of a Daniel Cell.
  • Briefly describe the construction and working of Daniel cell?

Questions # 45

  • Write any two chemical properties of halogens.
  • Write down the important chemical reactions of halogens.

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