10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper Long Questions

Chemistry Guess Papers for 10th Class

Long Questions

Question No #1. Law of Mass Action.

Question No #2. Importance of Equestion no uilibrium Constant.

Question No #3. Lewis Concept of acids & bases.

Question No #4. Chemical Properties of Acids & Bases.

Question no #5. Methods of Preparation of Salts.

Question no #6. Classification of Organic Compound.

Question no #7. Methods of Preparation of Alkane, Alkene and Alkynes.

Question no #8. Proteins.

Question no #9. Nucleic acids.

Question no #10. Importance of vitamins.

Question no #11. Types of pollutants.

Question no #12. Ozone depletion and its effects.

Question no #13. Soft&hard water.

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