Ufone SIM Codes For Checking Minutes SMS or MBs

Ufone Sim Codes

Ufone is the third largest shareholder in the cellular market in Pakistan, has an extensive network coverage with quality services. More than 20 million customers are part of the U family. We are going to share with you some Ufone SIMS Codes. By using then you can activate any offer, unsubscribe any offer, or check the remaining free minutes, SMS and Internet data. Some codes are used to get information about the balance of your SIM card, how to reset the Ufone SIM card, etc. These codes are called Ufone SIM codes.

Here we have compiled a complete list of Ufone SIM card codes. Try these Sim codes to check the remaining package plan. Minutes, SMS and MB.

The list of Ufone SIM Codes


Call the service center of Ufone 333
Register Ufone for free sim Go to the nearest franchise Ufone
Obtain the Ufone PUK code * 336 #
Call the phone number Ufone 333
To check the balance of Ufone the dial of the * 124 #
How to get the preliminary balance of Ufone (Uadvance) * 456 #
How to check free minutes of your tariff plan Ufone * 706 #
Activate Report on the delivery of messages Send “SUB” to 148
How to block the number in Ufone SIM Dial 420 and press 2 to add the number you want to block.
How to access The free menu of Ufone * 333 #
How to activate Free of charge on Facebook on Ufone sim * # 3434
How to send free SMS to call me from Ufone * 111 #
How to learn about your call setup in Ufone * 666 #
Send Sub to 180

Send UnSub to 180 to deactivate

Check Remaining SMS in Ufone send a blank SMS to number 606
How to activate Ufone dial tune * 666 #
As the share of the balance from your Ufone Sim * 828 * Ufone number * number #
How to check the remaining data on the Internet volume * 706 #
How to check the phone number of Ufone * 780 * 3 #

Common codes of Ufone

How to activate Ufone Internet packages

The Daily Heavy Bucket
* 8042 #
Special daily bucket
* 810 #
Mega Internet Bucket
* 5501 #
The daily light bucket
* 804 #
The three-day bucket
* 3350 #
The weekly light bucket
* 7811 #
Weekly heavy ladle
* 7815 #
The monthly bucket of 1 GB
* 7807 #
The monthly bucket of 3 GB
* 803 #
Monthly bucket with the volume of 10 GB
* 5100 #

How to activate Ufone SMS packages / packages

The daily package
Submit Under the 605
Package for two weeks
Unlimited package
The annual SMS package
Uth SMS FnF Package
Uth Daily SMS Package
Weekly SMS block
Daily package of SMS-messages on the network
The night package
45-day SMS bucket

How to activate free packages of social networks

The social daily bucket
* 4242 #
The Social Monthly Bucket
* 5858 #

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