Telenor SMS Packages Daily Weekly and Monthly 2021

Telenor SMS Packages Daily Weekly and Monthly

There is no reason to deny that today the Telenor has become the best mobile network on national level due to their nice services of mobile data and digital services. It provides excellent service to its customers and makes it easy to budget. Just like other mobile operators Telenor is also offering different kind of bundle for their customers including call packages, SMS packages as well Internet or mobile data. Most telecommunication network users prefer to use the instant messaging feature wherever they are.

It often happens that the operator is simply silent about the restrictions that this or that package carries. For example, you can meet very attractive prices for unlimited Internet (for a smartphone) and connect it without hesitation, taking the operator for a real savior, but you should first familiarize yourself with the services offered. A small print in the signed agreement may contain a note, according to which the Internet will be unlimited as long as the SIM card is in the mobile device. Just insert it into the modem, as the client will receive a speed limit and will not be able to fully use the Internet.

In addition, the restriction may be associated with a large load on the server (too many clients use the Internet), and the operator in this situation is also not responsible for this. This incident is stated in the contract. The consultant can talk about the above features of using the service only if you ask him directly. Although sometimes really respectable employees come across who are not squeamish about sharing all the nuances with a potential client. But this is rather an exception to the rule, and you should not rely on it.

Do not underestimate the operator, because he is far from stupid and is well aware of what services and for what price should be offered. To entice users to their side, it is enough to make the price slightly lower than the market price or offer more traffic / minutes for the same money. Telenor Pakistan offers Telenor SMS Packages a number of cost-effective kits, which is why it has amassed approximately 44 million users.

Nowadays mostly people prefer to send SMS for urgent messages instead of calls just like meeting etc that’s why networks offers daily, weekly and monthly packages for SMS. You can visit several websites to collect details about Telenor SMS packages offerings.

Telenor SMS Package Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2021

We have also tried to share you all the details about Telenor SMS Packages just for the help of our visitors.

Let’s take a look .

Telenor SMS Package – Telenor One-Day SMS Package

Telenor One-Day SMS Package is perfect for those who prefer to interact with family and friends.

Depending on the reliability and availability factor, you can choose between these two packages.

7 Offer offers unlimited minutes within the network, as well as offers unlimited SMS at affordable rates.

All details related to the Telenor One-Day SMS package are listed below. Activation code allows you to easily sign up for this package offer, and all prices are included tax.


Telenor One-Day SMS Package

Telenor SMS Package – Telenor offer for 3 days

If you find that the daily SMS package is not enough, and it is difficult for you to decide how many SMS you need.

Telenor 3 Day SMS Package Contains two SMS packages, for example: 3 Day Internet Offer and One All Offer.

You can find detailed information about package pricing and activation code in the table below.


Telenor 3 days SMS Packages


Telenor SMS Package – Telenor 15 Day Offer

Then comes Telenor’s SMS package for 15 days.

The 15-day messaging package and the 15-day economic SMS messaging package are two packages that offer SMS and Internet MB. The 15 day savings SMS bundle gives you 3500 SMS and 200 MB internet for only Rs 500. 41.38 incl. Taxes.

Telenor 15 Day SMS Packages


Telenor SMS Packages – Telenor Weekly SMS Package

Sometimes you get frustrated with having to re-activate or update the package. That way, in this case, you can easily select the SMS package for 7 days.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages – Telenor Monthly SMS Package

To protect yourself from the hassle that your package may expire immediately, the Telenor monthly SMS package is here. You will get rid of this stress for the entire month. Telenor Pakistan cares about its customers when it offers them amazing networking services.

Telenor’s monthly SMS package also includes two amazing service packages: a monthly SMS package and a monthly message package. By typing in the code of the Telenor monthly SMS package, you can receive 6000 SMS messages as part of the monthly SMS package package.

On the other hand, a set of monthly messages provides its customers with 10,000 sms and 300 mb internet. You will be released the entire month after you subscribe to these packages. For both monthly SMS packages, you will pay Rs. 47.8.

You can choose any package that suits you. With a monthly SMS package, you can subscribe to the package offers above. Below is all the information about these packages as well as the activation code.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages – Other SMS Offers

In addition to the daily, weekly and monthly offerings of Telenor’s SMS packages, there are many other SMS packages that facilitate working with clients. All these package offers are affordable and you can choose any of the packages below that suits you.

Here are some other tips for SMS packages that may suit your budget and your lifestyle. There are four packages: SMS Package 200, SMS Package 30, SMS Package 60, and 5 Day SMS Package.

SMS bundle 200 brings 6000 sms every month, and sms bundle offers 250 sms in 30 months. The SMS bundle is here with 600 SMS per month. 5-day SMS packages from Telenor provide 300 SMS.

If you find these SMS packages available, you can purchase these packages using the codes listed below.

Other SMS Offers

Terms & Conditions:

If you would like to check free SMS balance on Telenor SIM card after subscribing to the required package then you can call 111. Rs. 0.24 is received from SMS balance check.
You can use this SMS offer for any network in the country.
This offer is limited in time.
Telenor reserves the right to make changes to package details or fees at any time.
Telenor can opt out of any call package at any time.
Telenor may change the mechanics of the offers described above at any time.
All the above mentioned amazing SMS packages include tax.


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