Telenor Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2021

Telenor Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2021


Telenor is always striving to facilitate its customers through amazing packages or offers such as SMS packages, calls and Internet offers.

Telenor Pakistan offers a number of cost-effective kits, which is why it has amassed approximately 44 million users. Actually, In connection with the widespread prevalence of mobile communications, it became necessary to choose a mobile operator, the tariffs of which may differ markedly. Each has its own peculiarity that attracts customers. One operator can offer relatively inexpensive calls another – incredibly cheap minutes to all numbers in the region, and the third will surprise you with low Internet prices. A lot here will depend on the requirements of the future user, so you need to start from them, and not rush thoughtlessly at colorful posters and consultants’ advice, whose task is to connect as many clients as possible at any cost.

So, it does not make sense to take a full package of services (Internet + calls + SMS) if the user’s interests are limited to calls, because for such a price there will probably be a tariff or operator offering more minutes for the same money, without overpaying for additional functions. On the other hand, such packages will be a real salvation if you need to find a tariff that combines all of the above services.

To increase efficiency, users of the mobile communication system can create not only voice communication channels on the basis of the corporate network, but it is also possible to arrange video conferences, combine the work of several offices and manage a large number of enterprises. Thus, telephony can be integrated with other business applications, which can be useful to increase the efficiency of the company at the level of operational processes performed by these applications. Modern telecommunication systems that support a diverse architecture, guarantee a reduction in integration costs and provide greater functionality of the entire system – all these are the opportunities offered by mobile operators and which can be used by business.


Telenor Call Packages for Prepaid Customers

Telenor Call Packages – Telenor Daily or Hourly Call Package

Telenor Daily offers its customers 10,000 minutes at affordable prices. This offer is valid for 1 day. Then comes Telenor All Day, which provides unlimited online calls throughout the day. Budget Telenor Money Package with 50 Minutes on Net at Lowest Price

You can enjoy the 100 Minute Telenor Money Package for 100 minutes on-net, which is valid for 1 day. So, below are all the details regarding the Telenor hourly package or daily purchase code and prices.

Telenor Hourly or Daily call package

Telenor Call Packages – Telenor 3 Day Call Packages:

Telenor 3 Day Convenience Offer for 25 minutes offline and 250 days for 3 days. Brings.

Next comes a 3-day super hit offer in which you can use unlimited free minutes to talk to your loved ones.

Another 3 day call package offer includes a 3 day network offer which includes 250 minutes of Telenor and 3/3 offer in Telenor with 600 minutes of Minute Network. In addition, packages, pricing and other information about activation codes are shown in the table below.
Telenor 3 Day Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages – Telenor Weekly Call Package:

During the week, you can use the entire offer, including minutes outside the network, minutes within the network, SMS and Internet MB.

Telenor Weekly Call Package

Telenor Call Packages – Telenor Monthly Package:

To facilitate customers throughout the month, Telenor offers a 30-day call package. Telenor offers three service packages that are available as part of the Telenor monthly call package.

Telenor Easycard Plus offers 2,000 minutes on-net and 150 minutes off-net. You will have complete freedom to interact with your friends and family.

Finally, the Telenor Mahana packaged full force of our commitments within the network in 3000 minutes. You will find many discounts on these latest telenor call packages for the month of 2019.

You can purchase these amazing monthly telenor packages with the code at the cheapest prices listed in the table below.
Telenor Monthly Call Package

EasyCard Telenor Subscription Method:

You can sign up for a Telenor EasyCard offer by contacting your nearest seller.
Scratch the card for just Rs 350 and ask your nearest seller to sign up and download the card on your Telenor device.
Or you can scratch the card and dial * 555 * <14-digit code on the card> # to load the card.

Telenor Call Packages – Telenor Postpaid Call Offers

Telenor Postpaid users do not need to be disappointed with not providing a weekly, daily or three-day call package. For those using the Telenor Postpaid network, the monthly call package is appreciated. They can choose any monthly package and enjoy longer conversations.

Five types of Telenor call packages are available to postpaid customers. These are Smart 3000, Smart 1500, Smart 1000, Smart 600 and Smart 300. These amazing packages allow Telenor Postpaid users to access the network for free for minutes.


Telenor Postpaid Call Packages


In addition, these great monthly call packages also provide other incentives. Telenor users can use 2G, 3G and 4G with Internet SMS and more. These are reliable offers at affordable prices.


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