Zong SMS Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly 2021

Zong SMS Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly

Zong also offers you various calls and SMS as well as various packages of 4G / LTE Internet, which is now available for prepaid and postpaid users.

Since the technology began to develop in our country, many people are able to appreciate their convenience and timeliness. Thanks to cellular communications, many cities and even countries are becoming much closer than before. But there is something that scares many users – roaming. Older people remember well how the formation of mobile communications took place. Cellular companies started by offering their subscribers communication services at “crazy” prices, by current standards. At the same time, most tariffs assumed payment for incoming calls. But over time, the situation returned to normal, tariff plans became more or less loyal to consumers, and the appetites of mobile operators were reduced by state regulatory services in this area. In addition to a simple change in tariffs towards their reduction when using roaming, the possibility of revising the concept of “roaming” is also being considered.

One of them is the so-called intranet roaming. This concept is very vague and contradictory, but it is not easier for subscribers – the provision of mobile services is much more expensive when traveling than in the home region. In addition, for many, incoming calls remain paid. This concept has become inextricably linked with mobile communications and those who leave for some time in another region or abroad, can fully experience the severity of prices for minutes, SMS and megabytes. Nevertheless, one has to live with it and pay as much as the operators count.

The inconsistency of intranet roaming is that, leaving for a neighboring region, the subscriber does not leave the network of one or another operator. This forces us to reconsider the attitude to the existing practice in our country. At the same time, the same trends are observed in other countries, in particular in the EU countries. It often happens that the user needs another “SIM card” before the cut. Not for calls and communication, but in order to attach additional accounts of social networks and web services to it. Comparing all the offers from cell phones, experts made certain conclusions. So that after 90 days the number will be disconnected.

Anyways, lets come to the point that is Zong. As all of us know that the head office of Zong is situated in Islamabad. With nearly 33 million users, it has built a huge user base. For this reason, Zong has acquired 21% of the mobile phone market in Pakistan.

Zong SMS Packages for Postpaid & Prepaid Customers

Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong Daily SMS Packages or Bundle Offer

Zong SMS Packages – Zulu SMS Bundle Offer

Zulu SMS Bundle Offer

Zong SMS Packages – Weekly SMS Offer

In addition, these 7-day packages bring Internet MB, minutes within the network and minutes outside the network.

To keep you busy you can use the first with 700 SMS, 700 minutes inside the network, 40 minutes from the network and a full package of 500 Internet MB.

If you would like to subscribe to the Zong Weekly SMS Message Package, you can see the activation code table below.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages – Monthly SMS Package:

Prepaid and postpaid users can also access Zong’s monthly SMS packages. As an excellent voice and data carrier, Zong serves millions of network users. In addition, it has expanded its services to almost 100 cities in Pakistan in terms of SMS packages, call packages and 4G networks.

You have the opportunity to use an unlimited number of SMS packages through monthly Zong SMS packages for 30 days. Dial 705 and enjoy 500 SMS and 30 MB internet throughout the month. In Zong SMS Kits you will find eight different packages.


You can find more detailed information about Zong Monthly SMS Package in the table below.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages


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