Guess Paper Math 9th Class Chapter No 5

Math Guess Paper for 9th Class

Chapter No 5

Ex # 5.1 — > Questions 1,3,5

Ex # 5.2 — > Questions 1,4

Ex # 5.3 — > Questions 2,4,7,9


Secondary special (secondary vocational) education can be obtained at colleges and technical schools . Technical schools train specialists only in the main areas of the specialty, colleges are more in-depth and the level of qualification after graduation is much higher than in a technical school.

The main advantages of studying at a secondary special educational institution :
1. Many technical schools and colleges offer admission to an educational institution without entrance examinations, through a certificate contest or other preferential programs.
2. In secondary special educational institutions, they are mainly trained in working specialties that are in demand at all times. Having a diploma of such an education, a person will always earn a living for a piece of bread, but you should not count on huge salaries and a career ladder that is soaring into the clouds.
3. Having graduated from a technical school or college, it is possible to go straight to the 2nd or 3rd year of a university.

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