Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses are searching for ways to stay afloat after the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked its havoc on their operations. With more reliance on the digital world and the lack of physical options, digital marketing continues to deliver value to small businesses that are looking to expand their revenue and reach. At the beginning of 2020, it was reported that approximately $1.3 trillion would be spent by businesses on digital marketing this year. However, this figure obviously changed because of the coronavirus, as many businesses had to cut costs, but others also increased their spending because other forms of marketing became irrelevant.

It may be a challenging and chaotic time, with the second wave looming, but it is also the right time for businesses to take a good look at their digital marketing techniques and make changes. Here are some of the digital marketing tips for small businesses in 2020 that can help them make a big difference:

  • Build a strong presence on social media

As chances of direct face-to-face communication are becoming limited, small businesses can take advantage of social media for reaching out to their customers. Social media has become an important aspect of numerous digital marketing strategies for different generations and businesses. It provides them the perfect opportunity to reach new audiences, even during these tough times. Considering the number of social media channels out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there are more chances for businesses to connect with their audience.

Websites, such as Twitter, can be used by small businesses for showcasing client testimonials that can tell potential clients what they are capable of. Social media is known for boosting transparent communication, engagement and brand exposure. These elements can create a level of trust and personalization with your customer base. During this global pandemic, small businesses can leverage social media for attracting customers when they are spending an increasing amount of time online, due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

  • Connecting with customers via email marketing

Even though some may argue that email marketing has become outdated, most small businesses use email for facilitating personal connections with their customers. In fact, email marketing is known to amplify customer retention, as marketing emails do tend to have an impact on customer behavior. It provides more room for customization and personalization, as businesses can directly communicate with their clients. This often draws the customers back to the business.

The impact of email marketing is not restricted to a cluttered inbox. Small businesses that are interested in expanding their brand’s influence and reach will find it to be an important tool. Since things are not going as planned for businesses in these times, opting for old staples like email can give them a sense of stability and also serve as an important communication tool.

  • Begin using video marketing

Any business, whether big or small, which wishes to dominate the digital marketing circuit should make use of eye-catching videos because users spend 88% more time on a website due to these videos. The marketplace has become more digitally focused and fragmented, which has given videos a lot more importance than they had before. Creating engaging videos does require some commitment, but video marketing can be a great source of exposure during these times.

Businesses don’t need to have professional software for making good videos either. Small businesses that are on a budget can easily create videos that fit their audience’s expectations and needs. As more and more people are remotely working and spending most of their times on laptops and phones, having a short and visually appealing video will work wonders for your engagement rate.

  • Improve website marketing efforts

In this day and age, online visibility is of the utmost importance for businesses. If a business doesn’t have a website, their presence in the market will become virtually nonexistent. Small businesses need to understand that web marketing uses in-house resources for a more focused digital effort. It can become one of the most measurable tactics, as it helps in building online relationships. When it comes to digital marketing, your efforts should begin with website marketing. The business’s website should focus on its core values, applications, services and locations.

With people staying at home, it has become more important than ever for small businesses to increase their web presence for engaging with their customers. As online preferences change frequently in this growing digital market, small businesses can produce timely content for adding variety to their website and give it a personal touch. They can also track their website’s engagement levels and traffic and find areas for growing their success. This is a great way of finding out what works and what doesn’t.

  • Using in-house digital marketing resources

Small businesses can use internal and in-house resources as normally those agencies prefer to use who are working on performance industry that can provide their company with unique digital marketing ideas. The companies who are working with performance industry normally build their on bespoke cms. For companies that wish to save money during this economic downturn brought on by the pandemic, it is a great idea to use existing employees for coming up with digital marketing ideas. After all, these are the employees that know your products and services really well. In the current landscape, businesses are not hiring any new employees, which means hiring a digital marketing service may not be feasible right now, particularly where small businesses are concerned.

Yet, digital marketing has become more important than ever, so it is best to use employees that are already part of the business for digital marketing services. They can provide numerous ideas that can come in handy and help improve your efforts in reaching your target audience.


You should also set a goal in order to measure your digital marketing efforts. This will show you if your efforts are doing any good, or you need to make changes or adjustments to your strategies. Furthermore, it will also help you in using the aforementioned digital marketing tips, which allows you to increase web traffic, improve customer and brand engagement, generate a high volume of leads and convert them into customers for supporting revenue generation.

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