Guess Paper Math 9th Class Chapter No 4

Math Guess Paper for 9th Class

Chapter No 4

Ex # 4.1 — > Questions 3,6

Ex # 4.2 — > Questions 1,4.13

Ex # 4.3 — > Questions 2,3

Ex # 4.4 — > Questions 1,5,6

The main disadvantages of training in a secondary special educational institution :
1. At an early age – 14-15 years, the majority of future students do not yet realize the need to obtain a particular specialty. And the choice of this specialty is often imposed by relatives or is chosen spontaneously and thoughtlessly. What can adversely affect the future life of the student.
2. Specialists with secondary specialized education are less in demand in many prestigious areas. Often, employers declare the presence of higher education as the main requirement for employment.
3. It is generally accepted that such an education is less prestigious than a university. At the end of a technical school or college, a student receives a working, not an elite specialty. For people with ambitions and high demands, this is probably not the best option.
4. Secondary vocational schools do not provide deferment from the army.

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