Guess Paper Math 9th Class Chapter No 2

Math Guess Paper for 9th Class

Chapter No 2

Ex # 2.1 — > Questions 5,6

Ex # 2.4 — > Questions 1,3

Ex # 2.6 — > Questions 4,5,7

The main advantages of studying at a higher educational institution :
1. A school student by the age of 16-17 is already able to realize who he wants to become and what specialty at the university it is better to choose to fulfill his desires and needs.
2. The prestige and the need to have higher education in order to achieve high goals, for stable career growth and considerable earnings in rapidly developing, modern spheres of life.
3. Communication with peers at a higher level. The opportunity to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances and make useful acquaintances.
4. Upscale teaching staff.
5. Getting skills independent, adult life. Funny student years.

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