Guess Paper Math 9th Class Chapter No 1

Math Guess Paper for 9th Class

Chapter No 1

Ex # 1.6 — > Questions 1, 2

Ex # 1.1 — > Questions 3

Ex # 1.2 — > Questions 6

Ex # 1.3 — > Questions 6,7

Ex # 1.4 — > Questions 4

The main disadvantages of studying at a higher educational institution :
1. The high cost of training, a small number of budget places.
2. To enter the university you must pass the entrance tests.
3. A long temporary learning process. Education at the university falls on the most active years of human life.
4. Many university students have the illusion that, having received a diploma of higher education, everything will somehow come together and work out and there will be good work and high earnings. But you need to make a lot of effort.
Each person chooses his own destiny and the opportunity to build his life. The first step to an adult, serious life is to receive a quality education and the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the chosen field of study.

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