9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper Practicals

Chemistry Guess Paper for 9th Class

Practicals Guess Papers

Material and Procedures of 1st,


Boiling and Melting Points and Titration / of HCl & NaOH

However, it is worth noting that the availability of textbooks is increasingly declining and it will soon become more profitable to have an electronic alternative with a whole set of books. As soon as the price difference becomes apparent, there will be a turning point, after which there will be no return to paper books. Of course, this is hard to believe, but this is only because we are grown on paper books and the mere thought of “soulless parodies” plunges us into horror and causes internal protest. Meanwhile, progress is gradually affecting our lives, changing our understanding of things more and more. Again, when speaking about the future, it is worth remembering that not only educational devices will change, but also a form of education that cannot exist in isolation from progress. I would like to believe that the changes will be positive and without harm to the quality of education.

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