Use of Internet and Other Modern Systems of Communications for Religious Purposes

Use of Internet and Other Modern Systems of  Communications for Religious Purposes Presented by Islamic Fiqh Academy New Delhi India Free Download in Pdf


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Since the modern advanced means of communication are available for the dissemination of the ideas, ideologies, the exchange of knowledge, research and in conducting business transactions, they have a very special import in the modern word.

From among the modern means of communication the Inter net is even more important. Through the Internet information of every type can be gathered even from the remotest parts of the world within minutes for nominal expenses. Unfortunately, this highly successful system of communication is being so abundantly used for negative, immoral and evil purposes

With this perspective, the Islamic Fiqh Academy of India made this issue the object of its collective thinking in its 12th and 13th seminars, respectively, during the 11th to the 14th of February, 200, at Darul Uloom Islamia, Basti UP and during the 13th to 16th April 2001 , at Jamia Syed Ahmad Shaheed, Katoli, Malihabad, Lacknow. At the same time. Precisely speaking, while the theme of the 12the Seminar was “The Use of the Internet and other modern means of communication for religious purposes. The 13th Seminar centered round

Fundamentally, the Academy holds that the use of the means has the governed by the ends and objective. We therefore are obliged to use the lawful means for reforming, calling out human beings to Isla, enjoining the people. They, likewise, may also be used for other lawful ends and concluding business and other social contracts, proceeding with coution about the delicacy of the matters, as required by the Sharia. We, on the other hand, are allied to the law of Allah and His Apostle.

The Papers are presented in the present volume. In fact, the volume has two parts. While the first part discusses the various aspects of the use of modern means and systems of communication for religious purposes, the second one deals with the legal aspects of the use of the Internet and other more advanced systems for concluding the Nikah and business transactions.

After the demise of Maulana Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi, the founder of the Academy, an editorial board was constituted by several academies. The editorial board was assigned the task of revising the present collection of papers and then to select the important ones, curtailing the details wherever necessary.

the editorial board of the United States, O Allah! Show us the Truth and make it easy for us to follow; and show us Falsehood as it is and is made easy for us eschew from it. Ameen

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