Seventy Duas of Istighfar By Allama Qutub-ud-Din Hanafi

Seventy Duas of Istighfar By Allama Qutub-ud-Din Hanafi
Seventy Duas of Istighfar

Seventy Duas of Istighfar By Allama Qutub-ud-Din Hanafi Pdf Free Download

Seventy Duas of Istighfar Along With Durood Shareef Compiled By Allama Qutub-ud-Din Hanafi. Appreciated by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yousuf Ludhyanvi r.a and Translated into English by Rafique Abdur Rahman.

Istighfar means to seek Allah Ta’ala forgiveness for one’s sins. Man in prone to sin while Allah Ta’ala is all forgiving. Sin and misdeeds are the dirt of the heart while Taubah (repentance and Istighfar are the cleansing agents. Those who make Istighfar often are worthy of appreciation. The Best forms of Istighfar are found in the Quran Shareef or taught by our beloved Nabi s.a.w or the Sahabah r.a or the Tabi’een in the order. Nest are the forms taught by the Awliya (religious elders).

This book of Allama Qutubuddin Hanfi r.a contains the seventy Istighfar attributed to Sayyidina Hassan Basri r.a these are repeated on the 7th, 9th and 10th of Zulhajjah and they are entitled “Al Munqazah Minnan Naar”.

In the book under review, Maulana Muhammad Hanfi Abdul Majeed has translated these seventy Istighfar and arranged them into seven sections. In this way, one section may be read each day of the week. All the Istighfar may be read in the fore-mentioned nights so that their blessings may pour on the reader.

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