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William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare; April 26, 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, England – April 23, 1616, ibid.) Is an English poet and playwright, often considered the greatest English-language writer and one of the best playwrights in the world.

Often referred to as the national poet of England. Works that have reached us, including some written together with other authors, consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 4 poems and 3 epitaphs. Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into all major languages ​​and are staged more often than the works of other playwrights.



You can fall in love with beauty, but love is only a soul!


Sins of others to judge You are so eager to break, start with your own and you will not get to strangers.


We get annoyed over trifles when touched by something serious.


When I saw you, I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.


Our doubts make us lose what we could gain if we did not feel fear.


Love – a lighthouse raised above the storm,

Not fading in the darkness and fog,

Love – the star by which the sailor

Determines a place in the ocean.


A raven will spread wings with mud –

No one will notice anyway,

And a swan, in spite of all efforts,

Will not be able to wash a stain from whiteness.


Our doubts are our traitors. They make us lose what we might have won if we were not afraid to try.


It is useless to grieve that which is lost and lost irretrievably.


Desire is the father of thought.


Nothing is good or bad – it all depends on how we look at things.


The intelligent fool is better than the foolish sage.


That person is nasty to me, in whom thoughts are vile, the tongue is flattering and smooth.


It is sweeter to chase after every thing in the world than to have it.


Power is dangerous when conscience is at odds with it.


Nothing is eternal under the Moon.


Health is more valuable than gold.


Friendship is not held together by the mind – it easily dissolves it and stupidity.


Do not change, be yourself.

You can be yourself while you live.

When death destroys your image,

Let someone be like you.


Fearful and dreamy indecision creeps after laziness and entails impotence and poverty.


I can be upset, but you can’t play me


“Faithful to husbands are minxes and scoffers.

And the mask of piety is worn by sinners.”


In my misfortune alone, I am glad

that YOU are my sin and YOU are my eternal hell.


Have more than you show.

Speak less than you know.


Hell is empty. All the demons are here.


Love is blind and deprives us of an eye.

I do not see what I see clearly.

I saw beauty, but each time

I couldn’t understand what was bad, what was beautiful.

And if the eyes brought the heart

And dropped anchor into such waters,

Where many ships pass, –

Why do not you give him freedom?

How could my heart of the passing courtyard seem happy manor?

But everything that I saw was denied by my gaze,

Tinting the truth with a false image.


The beast of the most fierce pity is no stranger. I am alien, so I am not a beast.


She is more cunning than a snake, although more modest than a dove, Pure as a cherub, as Satan the evil, Malleable as wax, but like iron rust, Transparent as glass, but feelings are also fragile. Bela is like a lily, like a lily is tender, Everything is captivating and all false is full.


Do not grab the wheel when it rolls down: you will break your neck in vain. Now, if it goes up, hold on to it: you yourself will be above.


I don’t need to look in the mirror,

I am young every hour when I’m with you,

Let your wrinkle lie down,

I don’t see myself next to me.

Your eyes are a substitute for mirrors,

Only in them I seek my reflection,

I will not give these rights so simply,

One decision was entrusted to you.

Your keep peace is my destiny,

I seek no other use,

To you, to be my prayer with you,

Do not destroy to be near pleasure.

Long life tied knock of hearts,

Yours will freeze – and my end


And you and I did not cry, when we had to leave, We shed hot tears of sorrow later but apart!


Excessive haste, just like slowness, leads to a sad end.


Our strength is in our weakness, and our weakness is borderline.


Nothing will stop from the disappearance of a single man in the world except the heart of a single woman.


In life, everything is repeated twice, but in the form of drama only once, and for the second time, ridicule seems to be, in the form of a parody, only a parody.


Three rules for success: 1) know more than the rest, 2) work more than the others, 3) expect less than the others !!!


What does the name mean? A rose smells like a rose. Call it a rose, if not



My love is insane to the extent that I

do not notice evil in you.


Suspicion always lives in the soul of a criminal: every bush seems to be a detective to a thief.


The best is a straightforward and simple spoken word.


What has passed, then it’s time to forget, and the mountain will immediately fall from the heart. In suffering, the only outcome is, as far as possible, not to notice adversity.


You say there is no love in me

But am I, waging a war with you,

Not on your side of war

And will not surrender weapons without a fight?

Have I entered into an alliance with your enemy

Do I love those whom you hate?

And don’t I blame myself all around,

When will you offend me in vain?

What merit I am proud of,

To consider humiliation a shame?

Thy sin is dearer to me than virtue,

My judgment is the movement of your eyelashes.


Beauty will not grieve wisely: the mind will invent, beauty will get


Self-esteem is not so condemned as a lack of self-esteem.


“May we consider so many moons and suns again

soon, rather than how love ends in our hearts!”


Indeed, in a woman, love and fear are equal:

They do not exist at all, or they are strong .

You know my love from a young day;

So my fear is commensurate with her.

Love grows, fear grows in blood;

Where there is a lot of fear, a lot of love. ”


My eyes are not in love with you, they see your vices clearly, but your heart does not see any of your guilt, and it does not agree with your eyes.


The softer the past, the sweeter the present.


Where there are few words, they have weight.


Take advice from all those who give, but take care of your own opinion.


The fool thinks he is smart; the clever one knows that he is stupid.


Love runs from those who chase after it, and those who run away, rush to the neck.


A little life you set an example of a bloody,

She will give you the same lesson.

You pour poison into a goblet, and justice

brings this poison to your lips.


Love everyone, trust the chosen ones, do no harm to anyone!


The success of a sharp word depends more on the ear of the listener than on the language of the speaker.


Here a man died. We put it in the grave – And with it the good that he managed to do. And we remember only that which was evil in him.


No matter how much food and drink are abundant, you can never get enough once. So is love. Her hungry gaze is quenched today to quench, and tomorrow again you are embraced by fire, born for burning, and not corruption.



To the vile, both kindness and wisdom seem vile; dirt is only dirt to taste.


Excessive care is the same curse of the elderly as carelessness is the grief of youth.


Hope for joy is a little less than a fulfilled pleasure.


Experience is acquired only by activity, improved by time.


“Alas, I love myself. But for what? For the good that I have done to myself? Oh no, I’m rather angry with myself. I have done the evil myself! Yes, I’m a villain No, I lied, a lie! Fool, praise yourself! Fool, don’t flatter! My conscience has a hundred languages, And everyone reminds of himself, And I am a villain in all their stories. I violated oaths – what oaths! I killed – whom I killed! And all sins are terrible sins! – They shout to the court: “Guilty! He is guilty! ”Despair! Nobody loves me. I will die – not a single one will regret. And in whom could I meet pity, if I have no pity for myself? ”(William Shakespeare. King Richard III)


Is there anything more terrible than ingratitude of man?


Shakespeare once wrote: “There is nothing bad or good in this World. There is only our attitude to anything.”


To be good, I must be cruel

and a good person – sometimes unlucky


The girl’s honor is all her wealth, it is worth more than any inheritance.


Use the time. Do not forget –

Beauty has a short way.

Tear off flowers at the time of flowering,

Do not doom them to decay.


We know what we are, but we don’t know what we can be.


The hope of enjoyment is almost as enjoyable as enjoyment itself.


By evil they do not reach good.


With all my being, I am related to you!

A world without you is nothing shrouded in darkness.


Kindness in a woman, not seductive looks, will win my love.


Favorite work raises early, and we are happy to take it.


Tell me that I neglected the payment For all the good I owe you,

That I forgot your cherished threshold,

With which I am bound by all ties.

That I did not know the price of your watch,

Ruthlessly giving

it to strangers , That allowed me

to carry Myself unknown sails from a land dear to me.

All the crimes of my liberty

You lay with my love near me,

Imagine your eyes in a strict judgment,

But do not execute me with a deadly look.

I am guilty, but all my fault

Will show how your love is true!


My honor is my life; both grow from the same root. Take away my honor – and my life will come to an end.


When the mind and passion argue in a gentle body – out of ten in nine cases, passion will certainly prevail.


Love is poor if it can be measured.


Illness jokes that one who did not know wounds.


What is love? Thoughtlessness.

A game of fire leading to a fire.

An inflamed sea of ​​tears,

Meditation – for thoughtlessness, A

mixture of poison and antidotes.


Love is the brilliance of the sun, following the rain,

And lust is the darkness of a thunderstorm followed by the brilliance of light;

Love is always fresh, like a bright spring light,

And lust comes winter before summer;

In love there is no greed, – in gluttony lust dies;

In love, everything is true, and lust forever lies.


In weeks and hours, love will not dissolve,

It will live until the end of time,

But if chance gives the opposite to make sure, I will

take the Words back, since the word will not be “in love”.


Nature and animals teach to know their friends.


When friendship begins to weaken and cool, it always resorts to enhanced politeness.


“I hate” – these are the words, That from her sweet lips the other day Torn off in anger. But She barely noticed my fear, How she held the tongue, Which until now I whispered affection for, then reproached, And not a cruel verdict. “I hate” – stiffened, Usta said nothing, and her look Already changed for mercy anger, And night from heaven rushed to hell . “I hate, – but immediately She added: – Not you!”


Honesty is the same extra seasoning for beauty as honey sauce for sugar.


If you want to achieve the goal of your aspiration, ask more politely about the road you lost.


If everyone deserves what they deserve, no one will escape the whipping!


I see that fashion wears out clothes faster – than people.


How often do we have to regret what we ourselves achieved


A man, a proud man, endowed with even a small short-term power, plays such an incredible performance in front of the heavens of the Lord that makes the angels shed tears.


Nothing is really good or bad in itself – it’s all what a person thinks about it.


And I fell silent like a nightingale: I

sang my own and do not sing anymore.


It is difficult to intimidate a heart that is not tainted by anything.


The earth, nature’s mother, is her grave too: what she gave birth to, she buried.


The stronger the passion, the sadder it ends.


Love with reason rarely lives in harmony.


A cheerful heart lives a long time.


Not yet born a beautiful woman who would not grimace in front of a mirror.


In order to set the dawn for myself, I compared the weather on you and on dark night sent greetings, Saying that the stars look like you!


My eyes are not in love with you, – They see your vices clearly. And your heart doesn’t see and do not agree with your eyes. Your ears do not sweeten your voice, Your voice, your eyes and your hands touching, Charming, could not captivate me On the occasion of hearing , eyes, touch. And yet external feelings are not given — Not to all five, nor to each separately — To assure one poor heart, That this slavery is fatal to him. In my misfortune, I am glad That you are my sin, and you are mine eternal hell.


At dawn on Valentine’s Day.

I will knock on the window. I have long dreamed of

becoming your Valentine.

He woke up, he dressed.

The door was unlocked.

The girl entered the house secretly,

Not a girl left.

Before Christ and the Most Holy

Is it not a shame to anger?

You – the pleasure forever lasts,

Us – forever tears pour!

You did the work and – into the bushes.

He called me his wife.

(And he answers):

We would get married, but you went to bed with me.

The Songs of Ophelia by W. Shakespeare


Without eyes and without mind,

Love flies without knowing itself,

Where and how. She, just like children,

It is easy to get into their own can network.


Carried away by jealous suspicion, you can insult a completely innocent person.


Love does not look with the eyes, but with the heart, therefore blind and depict the winged Cupid.


After all, to know well a person is to know oneself.


And virtue can become a vice,

When it is wrongly applied.


Doubts are traitors! They

Tries make us afraid!

They prevent us from gaining good, Where we can win, there they ask to surrender


Well, if you stop loving – so now, Now that the whole world is in contention with me. Be the bitter of my losses, But not the last straw of grief! And if grief is given to overcome me, Do not strike from ambush. Let stormy night not be allowed Rainy in the morning – in the morning without joy. Leave me, but not at the last moment, When I am weakening from minor troubles. Leave now so that I immediately realize .


When you want, having cooled to me,

To betray me with mockery and contempt,

I will remain on your side

And I will not discredit your honor with a shadow.

Knowing each of my vices well,

I can tell such a story,

That I will forever remove your reproach, I

will justify my tarnished conscience.

And I will be grateful to fate:

May I fail in the struggle,

But I bring you the honor of victory

And twice I gain everything I spend.

I am ready to be a victim of wrong,

So that only you turn out to be right.


Your love, my friend, is more precious than treasure,

More honorable than the crown of kings,

More elegant than a rich dress,

Hunting a falconer more cheerful.

You can take away everything that I own,

And at that moment I immediately become impoverished.


Do not believe that who has sworn an oath.


To me, day is like night when you are not with me,

And night is like day, if you come to sleep.



Happy is he who, having heard the blasphemy himself, can use it for correction.


But lust (wine) causes and bounces, causes desire, but prevents satisfaction. Therefore, a good booze, one can say, only does that with lasciviousness it’s crooked: it will excite and weaken, light up and extinguish, tease and deceive, raise, but will not let stand.


Immorality cannot achieve more than the truth. Virtue is courageous, and good never fears. I will never regret having done a good deed.


If all those with obstinate wives were desperate, then a tenth of humanity would hang themselves.


The greatest offense that can be caused to an honest man is to suspect him of dishonesty.


A lying face will hide everything that an insidious heart has conceived.


To see and feel is to be; thinking is living.


As people are not tricky, the time comes – and everything comes out to fresh water.


To justify me, do not force Your injustice and deceit. It’s better to conquer force by force, But do not inflict wounds on me by cunning. Love the other, but in the moments of meetings You do not take your eyelashes from me. Why should you trick? Your gaze is a blasting sword, And there is no armor on a loving chest. You yourself know the power of your eyes, And it may turn out that you look away, You are preparing to kill others, Sparing me out of mercy. Oh, do not spare! Let your direct gaze Kill me, I will be glad of death.


“Every obstacle to love only strengthens it and multiplies it”


Alas, love, although it is blind, without eyes will find which ways to reach us and rule over us!


Be as cold as ice and pure as snow – you still cannot escape slander.


Her eyes do not look like stars, You can’t call her mouth coral, Her shoulders are not snow-white, And a strand of black wire curls. With a damask rose, scarlet or white, You can not compare the shade of these cheeks. And the body smells like the body smells, Not like violets delicate petal. You will not find perfect lines in it, There is a special light on the forehead, I don’t know how the goddesses walk, But the sweet one walks on the ground. And yet she will yield to those hardly whom in the lush comparisons they lied.


Be able to understand what is said without sound.

Eyes to hear – this is love science. Translation A. Sharakshan


For appetite, seasoning spice.

We call the bitter taste in the mouth.

We drink bitterness to avoid poison,

purposely arousing lightheadedness.

So, spoiled by your love,

I found joy in bitter thoughts

And invented ill health for myself

Even in the prime of life and vigor.

From this love insidiousness

And the salvation of fictional troubles

I fell ill in earnest and medicines.

Gorichnye swallowed harm to myself.

But I realized: drugs are deadly poison

those who are sick with infinite love.


In nothing I do not find such happiness as in the soul that keeps the memory of my good friends.


The whole country will be struck with a royal cry: “There is no mercy! “- and let down the dogs of war.


Music is terrible when there is no measure in it, no measure.


Living only for yourself is abuse.


And a bloody crime does not reveal itself as soon as love, which wants to be hidden.


Confess – shame and shame! –

neglecting yourself, you do not love anyone;

You will allow yourself to love others willingly,

But in vain to wait for love from your heart.


All lovers swear to fulfill more than they can, and do not fulfill even the possible.


Tears are a weapon of women.


And all the same, the eye draws only what he sees –

And the soul has no opportunity to know!


Like that actor who, having become fierce,

Loses the thread of a long familiar role,

Like that madman that, falling into anger,

Loses strength of will in excess of strength, –


Your tender garden is neglected because

you are accessible to everyone – and to nobody


Friend’s advice is the best support against enemies.


So I am silent, not knowing what to say,

Not because my heart has cooled.

No, my lips are stamped

My love, which has no limit.


Whoever was born happy under a star is

proud of glory, title and power.

And I have been awarded with a more modest fate,

And for me love is a source of happiness

Warlord, a spoiler of victories,

In the battle he is the last to lose,

And all his merits are lost,

His destiny is disgrace and oblivion.

But there is no threat to my titles for

life: loved, love, love


“Sooner or later, the best legs will stumble, the proud back will bend, the black beard will turn gray, the curly head will bald, the face will become wrinkled. Only a good heart like the sun will not stop shining with bright light and will always follow the right path. ” )


Most people prefer the stupidity of wisdom, for stupidity makes people laugh, and wisdom saddens.


Oh woman who your lie will measure, all the sand will sift and be considered cursed is the one who believes the woman three times is cursed the one who understands the woman


You are music, but

you listen to musical sounds with incomprehensible longing.

Why do you love that which is so sad,

Do you meet flour with such joy?

Where is the secret reason for this torment?

Is it because you are embraced by sadness,

That harmoniously harmonized sounds

Reproach loneliness sound?

Listen to how friendly the strings

come into operation and give voice –

As if the mother, father and young lad

In a happy union sing.

The concert of strings in a concert tells us

That the lonely path is like death.


Rotting lilies smell a lot worse than weeds.


Love is omnipotent: there is no sorrow on the earth — above her punishment, nor happiness — above the pleasure of serving her.


Virtue is strong, and purity is fearless!


Love is ridiculous, whose stupid effort

Will find justification for any whims.


Immortal love, being born again, inevitably seems to us different. Wrinkles do not know eternal love and old age makes their servant.


No one is good enough to teach others.


In what different ways do our desires and destiny go


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