Omar Khayyam Quotes / Omar Al Khayyam Sayings in English

Omar Khayyam Quotes in English


A true friend is a person who will express in your eyes everything that he thinks about you, and will tell everyone that you are a wonderful person.


Eyes can speak. Screaming from happiness or crying.

You can cheer with your eyes, drive you crazy, make you cry.

You can deceive with words, it is impossible with eyes.

You can drown in your eyes if you look carelessly.


Do not do evil – will return as a boomerang,

Do not spit in the well – you will drink water,

Do not insult someone who is lower in rank,

But what if you have to ask for something.

Do not betray your friends, you will not replace them,

And do not lose your loved ones – you will not return,

Do not lie to yourself – in time

you will check That you are betraying yourself with this lie.


Do not be afraid to lose those who were not afraid to lose you. The brighter the bridges behind the back burn, the brighter the road ahead.


Silence is a shield from many troubles,

And chatter is always to the detriment.

A person’s language is small,

but how many lives he has broken.


Do not tell God that you have a problem. Turn to the problem and say that you have God.


When you throw dirt at a person, remember – it may not reach it, but will remain on your hands.


And dozens of those who want your body are not worth the little finger of the one who loved your soul.


How often in life are mistaken, we lose those whom we value.

Trying to please strangers, sometimes we run away from our neighbor.

We exalt those who are not worth us, but we betray the most faithful.

Who loves us so much, we offend, and we are waiting for an apology.


To live a wise life, you need to know a lot.

Remember two important rules to start with:

It’s better to go hungry than to eat anything,

And it’s better to alone than with anyone !!!


Do not be angry with others and are not angry

ourselves. We are guests in this mortal world.

And if something goes wrong – humble yourself!

Be smarter and smile.



Whoever has been beaten by life will achieve more, A

pood of salt that has eaten higher appreciates honey.

He who shed tears, that laughs sincerely,

He who dies, he knows that he lives.


You are where your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be.


A bee, having pierced a steel sting, does not know that it has disappeared … So fools, letting in poison, do not understand what they are doing.


Yes, in a woman, as in a book, there is wisdom.

Its great meaning is capable of understanding,

Only literate. And do not be angry at the book,

Kohl, an ignoramus, could not read it.


Do not be afraid to give warming words,

And good to do business.

The more firewood you put into the fire, the

more heat will return.


Destruction is always easier than building.

Offending is easier than forgiving.

And lying is always more convenient than believing.

And pushing away is much easier than loving.


In a loved one, even flaws are liked, and in an unlover, even virtues are annoying.


Love each other now, there will be no other life.


Changing rivers, countries, cities.

Other doors. New Years.

But we can’t get away from ourselves anywhere,

and if you get away – only nowhere.


Although not new, I will remind you again:

In the face of both a friend and an enemy,

You are the master of an untold word,

And the spoken word is you servant.


Not that friend of yours who drinks at the table with you,

And who comes to the rescue in any misfortune.

Whoever gives a firm hand will relieve anxiety.

And he won’t even give a view that he helped you.


One will not make out what the roses smell like.

Another of the bitter herbs will get honey.

Give bread to one – he will forever remember the

life he sacrifices to another. He will not understand.


Only those who are worse than us think badly of us, and those who are better than us are simply not up to us.


Oh, Almighty, when I lose hope, help me remember that your love is more than my disappointment, and your plans for my life are better than my dreams …


Do not hold that which leaves, and do not repel that which comes. And then happiness itself will find you.


Do not hold grudges, your grievances, except you do not bother anyone.


Isn’t it funny to save a cent for a penny,

If you don’t buy eternal life anyway?

This life was given to you, my dear, for a while, –

Try not to miss the time!


The lower man soul, the higher nose up.

He reaches with his nose to where he has not grown soul.


Do not mourn, mortal, yesterday’s loss.

Today’s tomorrow’s measure is not measured.

Do not believe the past or the coming minute,

Believe the current minute – be happy now.


Do not envy the one who is strong and rich,

Sunset always dawns after dawn.

With this short life, I take a sigh, Treat yourself

like this with a rental for you!


Be happy at this moment. This moment is your life.


Life is the waves of rivers in minute silver, The

sands of the desert in a melting game.

Live today – and yesterday and tomorrow …

Not so needed in the earthly calendar.


To remove a stone from the road,

Leaning, bow,

Maybe someone’s memory

with a stone , Maybe someone’s life with a stone


The source of fatigue is not in the body, but in the mind. You can do much more than you think.


You got out of the mud to riches, but quickly becoming a prince. Do not forget, so as not to jinx it, riches are not eternal – dirt is eternal.


You are where your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be.


We’ll hardly get into this world again. We

won’t find our friends again.

Catch the moment! After all, he will not be repeated,

As you yourself will not be repeated in it.


You can only show the sighted.

Singing a song is only for those who hear.

Give yourself to the one who will be grateful,

Who understands, loves and appreciates.


I think it’s better to be alone than to

give the heat of the soul to someone.

Having given a priceless gift to anyone,

having met a Native, you are not able to love.



The fool seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it near him.


I asked the wisest: “What have you learned

from your manuscripts?” The wise one said:

“Happy is he who is in the arms of a beautiful gentle woman,

At night from the wisdom of the book is far!”


You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a lover, but you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman!


You choose the path of faith for yourself.


Since your minds did not comprehend the truths of the greats –

Worrying is ridiculous because of petty intrigues.

Since God in heaven is invariably great –

Be calm and cheerful, appreciate this moment.


If you wait for the good of gratitude –

You do not give good, you sell it.


Never go back. There is no point in returning. Even if there are the same eyes in which thoughts sank. Even if you are drawn to a place where everything was so sweet, don’t you ever go there, forget forever what happened. The same people in the past live that they always promised to love. If you remembered it – forget it, you should never go there. Do not believe them, they are strangers. After all, once left you. They killed faith in the soul, in love, in people and in themselves. Live simply by the fact that you live and even though life is like hell, look only ahead, never go back!


Do not grieve for the future and the past,

Know the price of today’s happiness.


How many those who could not hold out until the morning,

How many those who do not know the path of good!

How many those who dishonored the face of man –

In jewelry of gold and silver!


To love and be loved is happiness,

you protect from simple inclementities.

And taking the reins of love together greedily in your hands,

Never let go, even when living in separation.


Life will rush like one instant,

Her value, take pleasure in it.

As you spend it, it will pass,

Do not forget: it is your creation.


Will the century live? Do not be sad about him.

Give a hand at everything we wave,

Together with two clinging lips to the bowl

And enjoy this day.


Love is always affectionate at first.

In memories always affectionate.

And you love – pain. And with each other’s

greed we torment and torment. Is always.


To give oneself does not mean to sell.

And to sleep close by does not mean to sleep.

Not getting revenge does not mean forgiving everything.

Not to be near does not mean not to love!


One wise man was asked:

– Why are the poor more affable and

less stingy than the rich?

– Look out the window, what do you see?

– I see the children playing in the yard.

“Now look in the mirror.” What

do you see there?

– Myself.

– You see. Both the window and the mirror are made of

glass, but it is worth adding a little

silver – and you can only see


Do not frown brows because of the blows of rock,

Fallen spirit dies prematurely.

Neither you nor I have power over fate.

The wise reconcile with her. More good!


I know the world: in it a thief sits on a thief.

A sage always loses in a dispute with a fool.

Dishonorable – honest shame.

A drop of happiness is drowning in a sea of ​​grief.


Do not believe the one who speaks beautifully, in his words there is always a game.

Believe the one who silently does beautiful things.


Blind your life out of the most intelligent deeds.

I didn’t think of it, I didn’t succeed at all.

But Time – here we have a quick teacher!

As the slap will give you a little wiser.


Live right, be pleased with what you have,

live free, keep freedom and honor.

Do not grieve, do not envy …

Who is richer, who is poorer than you – you cannot count those in the world!


A person’s tongue is small, and how many lives he has broken.


Do not forget that you are not alone:

And in the most difficult moments, God is next to you.


The prohibition of wine is a law that reckons with those who are

drunk, and when, and how many, and with whom.

When all these reservations are met,

Drinking is a sign of wisdom, not a vice at all.


Sinless come – and sin,

Merry come – and grieve.

We burn the heart with bitter tears

And we go to dust, scattering life like smoke.


Kohl you can, do not worry about the time running,

Do not burden the soul neither the past nor the future.

Spend your treasures while you are alive,

For in any case you will appear to the poor in that world.


When you leave for five minutes

Do not forget to leave warmth in the palms

In the palms of those who are waiting for you,

In the palms of those who remember you.


Do not forget to look into your eyes,

With a smile of timid and humble hope.

They along the way will replace the image of the

Saints, even unknown to you before.


When you leave for five minutes

Do not close the doors behind you-

Leave it to those who understand,

Who will be able to believe in you.


When you leave for five minutes,

Do not be late to return in time,

So that the palms of those who are waiting for you,

During this time, do not have time to open up.


It is better to drink and caress the merry beauties,

than to seek in fasting and prayers of salvation.

If a place in hell is for lovers and drunkards,

then who do you command to admit to paradise?


It is better to be hungry than to eat anything, it is better to be alone than to be with anyone.


The wind of life is sometimes fierce.

In general, life, however, is good.

And it’s not scary when the black bread,

Scary, when the black soul.


To be beautiful does not mean to be born to her, After all, we can learn beauty. When a person is mentally beautiful, What appearance can compare with her?


“Where did we come from?” Where do we turn our way?

What is the meaning of our life? – He is incomprehensible to us.

How many different souls under a fatal wheel,

Burns to ashes, to dust. And where, tell me, is the smoke? ”


Let those whom we abandoned find better than us, and those who abandoned us understand that we were the best!


Rather, a hungry lion will refuse food than a woman from meanness and lies.


Better to fall into poverty, starve or steal,

Than to the number of dishonored despicable to fall,

Better to swallow bones, than to seduce passions,

At the table with bastards who have power.


Good does not wear a mask of evil, but often evil, under the mask of good, does its insane deeds.


I have never been pushed away by a person’s poverty, another thing is if his soul and thoughts are poor.


For many years I reflected on earthly life.

There is no incomprehensible thing to me under the moon.

I know that I don’t know anything! –

Here is the last truth discovered by me.


If you have a place for housing –

In our despicable time – and a piece of bread,

If you are not a servant to anyone, not a master –

You are happy and truly high in spirit.


“Hell and paradise are in heaven,” say bigots.

Having looked into myself, I was convinced of a lie:

Hell and heaven are not circles in the palace of the universe,

Hell and heaven are two halves of the soul.


Do not pray for love, hopelessly loving,

Do not wander under the window of your beloved grief.

Like beggar dervishes, be independent –

Maybe, then they will love you.


He who swims in wine, seeking solace in it, cannot escape shipwreck!


The fallen spirit dies prematurely.


A lot of evil and treachery lurks around,

You will not find friends in this herd of people,

Everyone you meet seems to be a friend,

Wait – he will be a fierce enemy.


Do not say that a man is a womanizer! If he was a one-love man, then the line would not have reached you.


As the pearl needs complete darkness –

So suffering is needed for the soul and mind.

Have you lost everything, but your soul is empty?

This bowl will fill itself again.


Everything is bought and sold

And life is laughing at us frankly.

We do not suit, we are indignant,

But we sell and buy.


For the worthy – there are no worthy rewards,

I’m glad to put a belly for the worthy.

Want to know if hellish torment exists?

Living among the unworthy is true hell.


Do not call a hundred beauties – I do not need them,

I only need one, which is nicer than others.


I enter the mosque. late hour and deaf.

Not in a thirst for a miracle, I am not entreating:

Once upon a time, I pulled the rug out of here, And he was worn out; need another.


He who has not sinned will not be forgiven.


Keep your words more reliable than coins. Listen to the end then give an answer. With two ears you got one language. To listen to two and give one piece of advice.


Drink with a worthy one who is not dumber than you,

Or drink with your beloved moonwalker.

Do not tell anyone how much you drank.

Drink wisely. Drink with analysis. Drink moderately.


With all of you you shout at me, I’m an atheist, I’m a drunkard almost a thief! I am ready to agree with your words! But are you worthy of a sentence?


Why the almighty creator of our bodies

did not want to grant us immortality?

If we are perfect – why die?

If they are imperfect, then who is the bruiser?


The brighter the bonfires burn behind, the brighter the path ahead!


You haven’t shared your secret with people,

because you don’t know which of them is meaner.

As you yourself do with God’s creature,

expect the same from yourself and people.


How can one be such a naive simpleton –

Wait for the feast, forgetting the empty wallet.


Fools revered sage me.

God sees: I’m not the one who consider me.

About myself and the world, I know no more than

Those fools who read me diligently.


“How is it in the other world?” I asked the old man,

Consoling himself with wine in a corner of the cellar.

“Drink! – answered. – The road there is far away.

Of the departed, no one has returned yet. ”


Don’t make a fool of a drunken treat,

To protect yourself from a feeling of disgust:

Having drunk, he will not let you sleep with screams,

And in the morning you will get bored, asking for forgiveness.


I drank water once. She does not quench her thirst.


Who, while living on earth, did not sin? Answer me!

Well, and who did not sin – did he live? Answer me!

What are you better than me if you punished me in

return evil? Answer me!


Wine is forbidden, but there are four “buts”: it depends on who, with whom, when and in moderation drinks wine. Subject to these four conditions – all sane wine is allowed!


Have fewer friends, do not expand their circle. And remember: better than loved ones, a living friend in the distance. Take a calm look at everyone who sits around. In whom you saw the support, you will suddenly see the enemy.


“You will be in a society of proud learned donkeys,

Try to pretend to be a donkey without words,

For everyone who is not a donkey, these fools Accuse

immediately of undermining the foundations.”


We do not drink because we are drawn to fun,

And we do not set ourselves unbridled to ourselves as a goal.

We want to get away from ourselves for a moment,

and therefore we are prone to intoxication.


We are obedient dolls in the hands of the creator!

This is not said by me for the sake of a word.

The Almighty takes us along the scene on the strings

And shoves us into the chest, bringing it to the end.


Life is a desert, on it we wander naked.

Mortal, full of pride, you’re just ridiculous!

You find a reason for every step –

Meanwhile, he has long been decided in heaven.


To reach her cheeks – delicate roses?

First, thousands of splinters in the heart!


What to grieve for? I swear by breath, there are two insignificant days in life: a day that has become a memory for me, and has not come to me.


All that we see is only one visibility.

Far from the surface of the world to the bottom.

Consider inconsequential manifest in the world,

For the secret essence of things – is not visible.


I came to the sage

And asked him:

“What is love?”.

He said, “Nothing.”


But, I know,

Many books have been written .

“Eternity” – some write,

And others – that “moment”.


That will burn with fire,

That will melt like snow,

What is love? –

“This is all human!”


And then I looked

him directly in the face:

“How do I understand you?

Nothing or everything?”


He said, smiling:

“You yourself gave the answer!” –

! “Nothing or is

no middle ground here!

I would like to cool my soul to an infidel, Let a

new passion allow me to possess.

I would like to, but tears cover my eyes,

Tears do not let me look at the other.


Sheikh the harlot was ashamed: “You, a wanderer, are drinking. You are

selling your body to everyone who wants it!”

“I,” said the harlot, “is really like that.

Are you the one you impersonate me to be?”


“The days of life are even bitter values,

After all, they are forever gone.”


Do not shout about the secrets of the innermost of ignoramuses

And beads of valuable knowledge before a fool do not swords.

Be stingy in speeches and first look with whom you say:

Lelei your hopes, but hide the keys from them.


When communicating with a fool, you won’t get rid of shame.

Therefore, listen to the advice of Khayyam:

Poison, offered by a wise man , accept

. Do not take balm from the hands of a fool.


I would compare the world with a chessboard –

That day, then night. What about pawns? We are with you.

Move, squeeze and – beat.

And put in a dark box to rest.


A dolphin and a flounder splashed in the sea:

“What a beautiful fish,” the dolphin thought:

“What a freak,” the flounder thought …

Envy is a terrible feeling.


Life will rush like an instant,

Her value, take pleasure in it.

As you spend it, it will pass,

Do not forget: it is your creation.


If the day has passed, don’t remember about it, Do

not lament before the day to come,

Do not grieve for the future and past,

Know the price of today’s happiness!


Kohl you can, do not worry about the time running,

Do not burden the soul neither the past nor the future.

Spend your treasures while you are alive;

After all, all the same, in that world you will appear poor.


Who cares? Inexperienced hearts.

And in words – to the deep sages.

And I looked into the eyes of terrible secrets,

And went into the shadows, envious of the blind.


Those who believe blindly cannot find a way.

Those who think – doubts are always oppressed.

I fear that a voice will be heard once:

“O ignoramus! The road is not there and not here! ”


That life is a bazaar, don’t look for a friend there.

That life is a bruise, do not ask for medicine.

Don’t change yourself – smile at people!

But do not look for smiles from love …


No nobler plants and nicer

Than black cypress and white lily.

He, having a hundred hands, does not poke them forward;

She is always silent, having one hundred languages.


Try to take torment without a murmur,

Do not complain of pain – this is the best treatment.

So that you become a rich man, for a beggarly inheritance, an

occasional confluence shone through the lights.


Oh, how many, how many times, getting up from my sleep,

I promised that from now on I would not drink wine,

But now, Lord, I do not give a vow:

Can I not drink when spring came?


Gradually, the time of passion boiling passed –

There are no jealous speeches and tragic poses, A

time of quiet love, mature and present,

rarely gives bouquets of tulips and roses.


The time of quiet love is more of a concern,

To catch the eyes, to understand in a word.

After all, love is, oddly enough, a lot of work,

If you cherish it and do not want to lose it.


This is a time of love, like a warm autumn, The

tart smell of foliage, the sky is light sadness

“How are you?” – if someone asks,

I won’t say anything, just smile slightly


The great victory that mankind knows,

Victory is not over death, and believe, not over fate.

The judge counted you a point that judges the heavenly court,

Only one victory is victory over oneself.


Do not bury your head With the

fact that fate is not given.

Of course, everyone wants to live like in paradise,

But not everyone is destined.


Weak chess king before queen?

But I, fool, are weaker in front of you!


And with a friend and with an enemy you must be good!

Who is kind by nature, you will not find malice in that.

Offend a friend – you make an enemy, you

embrace the enemy – you make a friend.


The ocean, consisting of drops, is large.

From the dust particles the mainland is composed.

Your coming and going does not matter.

Just a fly out the window for a moment


Only the essence, how worthy of men, say,

Only responding – the words of the master – say.

There are two ears, but one language is not given by chance –

Listen twice and speak only once!


A few apologies look less convincing than one.


Do not complain about pain – this is the best medicine.


I don’t fear death, I don’t complain about fate , I’m

not looking for consolations in the hope of paradise

, I will not give the eternal soul for a long time,

I will return it without a complaint at the right time.


You don’t even notice that your dreams come true … All you have is always not enough!


Life is an instant. Wine – from the sorrow of Balleyam.

The day passed blithely – praise heaven!

Be pleased with your intended share,

Do not try to remake it yourself.


What is the use of interpreting to those who are stupid!


Life will always give us a chance:

Whom to love, whom we hate together.

And, most importantly, believe me – do not confuse curtsy,

In order not to bow to someone who does not need.


If you are free to drink today, be satisfied.

Caress the one who is sick, be satisfied.

Now imagine for a moment that you are not,

But you are, and be satisfied with it


Having become a beggar dervish – you will reach heights.

Having torn the heart into the blood, you will reach heights.

Away, empty dreams of great achievements!

Having mastered yourself, you will reach heights!


Do not rejoice that the enemy died,

And you did not live forever.


The hem burst near the rose in the wind. The

nightingale enjoyed the morning in the garden.

Enjoy you

too , for the rose is instant . The young rose whispers: “Admire! I will die. “


In God’s temple do not let me on the threshold.

I am an atheist. So God made me.

I am like a harlot whose faith is a vice.

Sinners would be glad to go to heaven – let them not know the ways.


“The constellations in the transcendental distance,

Many doomed to meditation in vain.

Think about it, take care of your reason – the

Wise and they have reached a dead end. ”


May I burn in a fire for a hundred years,

The hell that dreamed in a dream is not terrible;

I am afraid of the choir of ignoramuses ignoble, –

Conversation with them is worse than death to me.


I’m afraid that we won’t get into this world again,

And we won’t find our friends there – beyond the grave.

Let’s feast this moment while we are alive.

Perhaps the moment will pass – we will all leave forever.


Blooming garden, girlfriend and a bowl of wine –

Here is my paradise. I do not want to find myself in another way.

Yes, no one saw heaven in heaven!

So we will console ourselves on earth for now.


If God does not hear me above,

I will turn my prayers to Satan.

If my wishes are not pleasing to God , then the devil inspires me with desires!


How I want to say good words.

Let it snow, and with it renewal.

That life is beautiful and good!

Appreciate all these lovely moments!


Indeed, from such moments our life.

And if we believe in such a miracle, the

soul sings, and the heart breaks up.

And we are not afraid of an evil blizzard!


Envy and lies do not exist.

But only peace, warmth and inspiration.

We are on earth for happiness and love!

So let this moment of glow last!


He is too zealous, shouting: “It’s me!” In his wallet he stomps with a little gold: “It’s me!” But as soon as he has time to set things up – Death knocks on the window to the braggart: “It’s me!”


When you are pure in actions, actions in yours,

When everything is absolutely clear to you prophetically , When you

compose a verse with a transparent, pure soul,

It is clear to a clean: everything is absolutely dirty.


Life is a shame for those who sit and mourn,

Who does not remember comforts, does not forgive insults.


Wounded with passion,

pouring tears tirelessly, I pray to heal my poor heart,

For instead of a love drink, the sky

filled my cup with the blood of my heart.


A time of quiet love is more a concern. You can catch it in your eyes and understand it perfectly. After all, love, oddly enough, is a lot of work if you cherish it and do not want to lose it.


Why are you waiting for the benefits of your wisdom,

Udoya from a goat you will wait faster!

Pretend to be a fool, and it will be more useful,

For wisdom today is cheaper than leek.

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