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George Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856, Dublin, Ireland – November 2, 1950, Hertfordshire, England) – British (Irish and English) writer, novelist, playwright, Nobel laureate in literature. Public figure (socialist-Fabian, supporter of the reform of English writing). One of the founders of the London School of Economics and Political Science. The second (after Shakespeare) playwright in popularity in the English theater.

The only person who won the Nobel Prize in literature (1925, “For creativity marked by idealism and humanism, for sparkling satire, which often combines with exceptional poetic beauty”), and the Academy Award (1938, for the script for the film “Pygmalion” )



Distance spoils nothing. The age difference does not spoil anything. The opinion of parents does not spoil anything. People spoil everything. Themselves.


The most important thing is to restore order in the soul. We observe three “no” ones: we don’t complain, we don’t blame, we don’t make excuses.


You can be infinitely right, but what’s the point if your woman cries?


How mercantile you are, my friend. Remember: everything that you can buy for money is already cheap!


The greatest human stupidity is fear. Fear of doing an act, talking, confessing. We are always afraid and therefore lose so often.


The question “What will people think?” – Must be in the very last place. In fact, everyone does not care. Life is yours.


Optimists have dreams come true. Pessimists have nightmares.


I thought friends are lost in quarrels, and they just dissolve in business, money and time!


Do not rush to help those who did not ask you about it. Do not go with advice to those who did not ask them. Appreciate yourself, your word, your thoughts.


The world is so rotten that even falling in love with someone is the biggest risk that we can afford. We are squeezed from the inside by the likelihood that this will not be mutually or aggressively perceived.

People have forgotten how to love, consumer relations rule the world.


The older and wiser a person, the less he wants to sort things out. I just want to get up, wish you all the best and leave.


Before you pour out your soul, make sure that the “vessel” does not leak!


Problems should make you act, not make you depressed!


Now that we have learned to fly through the air like birds, to swim underwater like fish, we only need one thing: to learn how to live on earth as humans.


A man is like a brick: when he burns, he hardens.


Better to live with a obstinate woman than with a boring woman. True, they are sometimes strangled, but they are never abandoned.


Honesty and fidelity is an expensive gift that you should not expect from cheap people.


Alcohol is an anesthetic that allows you to undergo an operation called life.


The only one who acted reasonably was my tailor. He took my measurements again every time he saw me, while everyone else came up to me with old standards, expecting that I would correspond to them.


People always blame the force of circumstances. I do not believe in the power of circumstances. In this world only those who seek the conditions he needs and, if he does not find success, create them himself.


To be able to endure loneliness and enjoy it is a great gift.


If you start with self-sacrifice for those you love, then end with hatred for those who sacrificed themselves.


Nature does not tolerate emptiness: where people do not know the truth, they fill in the gaps with speculation.


Learned to speak – it means grown up, learned to remain silent – then wiser.


Money is not the main thing in life. But do not forget to get them, before saying such nonsense!


It’s never too late to leave the crowd. Follow your dream, move towards your goal.


An ideal husband is a man who believes that he has an ideal wife.


The greatest sin in relation to one’s neighbor is not hatred, but indifference; this is truly the peak of inhumanity.


We have no right to consume happiness without producing it.


If one day, after chasing happiness, you find it, you, like an old woman looking for her glasses, will find that happiness has always been on your nose.


There is no thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness in people, now more and more superficial, easy in people. The views are empty and cowardly. People have become slaves to money, not their souls.


Marriage is a long-term heroic work of a father and mother, raising their children to their feet.


All the doctors who tortured me, claiming that I could not live without meat, had already died.


The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.


Life will not teach if there is no desire to grow wiser.


Why is the world so arranged that people who know how to live for their pleasure never have money, and those who have enough money have no idea what it means to burn a life?


The grounds for divorce accepted in our society are ridiculous, because bad temper is a much more compelling reason to get divorced than adultery.


If you have an apple and I have an apple, and if we exchange these apples, then you and I have one apple left. And if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.


If a person is healthy and has a goal, he does not think about whether he is happy or not. Sometimes he does not even think about whether others are happy or not.


I became a different, new person; and those for whom only the old “I” existed, laughed at me. The only reasonable person was my tailor: every time he took me anew again, while everyone else came up to me from the old and imagined that it still reflects my actual dimensions.


The world consists of loafers who want to have money without working, and morons who are willing to work without being rich.


The friendship between a man and a woman is a relationship of either former lovers or future ones.


People who succeed in this world are not lazy and look for the circumstances they need, and if they do not find, then create them.


If a woman is waiting for tender confessions, then just like a spider is waiting for a fly.


I am furious at the mere thought of how much I would have learned if I had not gone to school.


A cigarette is a coal on one side and a fool on the other.


My way of joking is telling the truth. There is nothing funnier in the world.


The longer I live, the more I tend to think that the Earth plays the role of a madhouse in the solar system.


George Bernard Shaw was a vegetarian from 25 years old and lived to 94 years. At age 70, when asked by a journalist: “How are you feeling?” he replied: “Fine, only doctors bother me, claiming that I will die if I do not eat meat.” At 90, he answered the same question: “Great, nobody bothers me anymore: those doctors who scared me that I could not live without meat had already died.”


Only a fool can celebrate years of death.


2 percent of people – thinks, 3 percent – thinks what they think, and 95 percent of people die better than they think.


He did not miss a single opportunity to miss the opportunity.


The thief is not the one who steals, but the one who is caught.


Patriotism is a destructive, psychopathic form of idiocy.


If my neighbor beats his wife every day, and I never, then, in the light of statistics, we both beat our wife every other day.


The main danger from which children must be protected is their parents.

Patriotism: the conviction that your country is better than others because you were born in it.


Do not do to your neighbors what you wish for yourself!

What if they have different tastes?


Silence is the most perfect form of expression of contempt.


No man is worth a woman if she is a really good woman.



Recently I made an incredible discovery: we are told to love our enemies because this love will drive them to the grave.


Hatred – coward’s revenge for fear experienced.


There is no love more sincere than love for food.


I do not like to fight, I like to win.


Never point out errors if you do not know how to fix them.


Life is too short to be taken seriously.


The wisdom of people is measured not by their experience, but by their ability to experience.


We only feel the charm of our native speech when we hear it under the heavens of others!


The only lesson that can be learned from history is that people do not learn from history.


Perfect love is possible only by correspondence.


For every minute you are angry, sixty seconds of happiness are lost.


Religion is only one, but in a hundred guises.


The thinner the ice, the more everyone wants to see if it can withstand.


When a person wants to kill a tiger, he calls it sports; when a tiger wants to kill himself, a man calls it bloodthirstiness. The difference between crime and justice is no more.


What is the top? The last step before the descent.


Fools are ready to sacrifice everything in the world for the sake of two gains: happiness and freedom, but they are punished by achieving their own; and it turns out that they have no ability to experience happiness, and what they do with freedom, they have no idea.


When we don’t like a person, we will find any reason to refuse to help him, and if we like him, we will always convince ourselves that he needs help.


A test of the upbringing of a man or woman is their behavior during a quarrel.


Life spent on making mistakes is not only worthy, but also more useful than life spent on doing nothing.


Virtue is not to abstain from sin, but to not desire sin.

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