Jaltey Safeenay By Almas M.A

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Jaltey Safeenay (The Burning Boats) an Islamic historical and religious novel in Urdu language. This novel was written by Almas M.A. The novel is written in the story of the historical victory of the Muslim at Spain. A life story of Tariq bin Ziyad and Musa bin Naseer. An unforgettable story of bravery of Muslim solders. History of the golden era of the Muslim world.


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It is worth noting that not all literature causes trust. Many modern authors do not seek to convey to the reader vital ideas. Often such works do not carry in themselves anything informative, they are empty, set out fairly patterned and simple. It is impossible to take anything useful from such books, because it simply does not exist. Another thing – the eternal classics. Classical literature has a completely different level, especially if it is re-read anew and at different ages. This kind of literature is impossible not to love – it is she who opens the world to her future, shapes the personality and shows the real value of human relations.

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