Hazrat Abu Sufyan Aur Unki Ahliya r.a By Maulana Muhammad Nafay

Hazrat Abu Sufyan Aur Unki Ahliya Hazrat Hinda ra No Maulana Muhammad Nafay Pdf Free Download

Hazrat Abu Sufyan Aur Unki Ahliya ra is a book of history and biography of Abu Sufyan r.a and his wife Hinda r.a in Urdu language. The book was written by Maulana Muhammad Nafay.
This book also contains a short biography and life history of Abu Sufyan’s elder son Yazeed bin Abu Sufyan and his daughter Ummul Momineen Hazrat Umme Habiba r.a.

In other words this book is a historical biography of the four most famous companions related to their lives and work for Islam and Muslim Ummah. The book is in PDF format and you can download the entire book.


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