Hajj Ki Aasan Aur Mufeed Tarteeb By Dr. Fida Muhammad

Hajj Ki Aasan Aur Mufeed Tarteeb Download in pdf

Book name is “Hajj Ki Aasan Aur Mufeed Tarteeb” Written by. Fida Muhammad Khyber Medical College Peshawar. Easy and best book for Hajj peroration and performance in Urdu language.
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What is a “good book”? First, the book should be fascinating and interesting, after reading the first pages there should be no desire to put it on the shelf. It’s about books that make us think, express emotions: love, resentment, laughter and maybe fear. Secondly, the book should be written in a diverse, rich language. Third, it must have a certain (deep) meaning, and not be superficial. Original and unusual ideas, creativity and a special style of presentation also make the book useful.

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