A Gift for Muslim Groom By Mufti Muhammad Abdul Majid

A Gift for Muslim Groom By Mufti Muhammad Abdul Majid

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A Gift for the Muslim Groom “written by Mufti Muhammad Hanif Abdul Majid and translated into English by Mufti Afzal Hossen Elias

This book “ A Gift for Muslim Groom ” outlines numerous aspects before, during and after ‘Nikah’ Marriage. How to choose a wife? The procedure is recommended by Islamic Laws, how to make Mashwera (Consultation) and also precautions after the engagement. Then the Khutbah (Sermon) of Nikah (Matrimony) is explained, the Mehr (Joint) elucidated, the reality of trousseau, expounded upon the various marriage customs dilated.

The author discusses the Walimah (Wedded breakfast), consent taking, invitation, the first night, the status of the husband, the responsibilities of the husband, how to treat your wife, behaviors in-laws, encouraging to live of Children.

In the sad event of divorce, its laws have been explained very simply. Importance of having a “will” stressed and then respected author Mufti Muhammad Hanif Abdul Majid summarises his book.

The book has an interesting test questionnaire at the end to categorize the status and level of a husband. You can download this useful book.


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