Ghurbat Kaisay Mit Sakti Hai By Muhammad Abd Al-Hameed M.A

“Ghurbat Kaisay Mit Sakti Hai” The plan for the eradication of poverty in Pakistan. The book gives a practical plan for complete and permanent eradication of poverty. It provides solutions to all the problems that have been corrected by elimination of poverty. Rather than discussing theories and analyzing issues, the book only gives a step-by-step plan.

The implementation of the plan will not be difficult. To begin, the Prime Minister will get the two most ordinary laws, decide that the Government will provide housing to all his employees in the 10 or so years and appoint just one person to start the process.

As the process starts, the political and social system will also change. An executive summary, “ حاصل کلام ,” will tell you what the book is all about.


About The Author:


After doing his MA in Economics from Government College, Lahore, in 1961, he started his career at leading Lahore-based English daily, The Civil & Military Gazette.

After his closure, he moved on to Imroze, a leading Urdu daily. After a few years, 1945 1945, he was joined by the Pakistan Railway as Information Officer (Class I) under pressure from his family that wanted him to have “a respectable job.” He lost his job after he refused to join in a huge fraud, although he was offered 120 times more money than his annual salary every year .


He never regretted his decision, although he had had to spend the next two decades in financial wilderness.

In 1987, he got an opportunity to put him to work in his ability to solve problems and his knowledge
of modern methods and technologies, when he was appointed Director, Research and Reference, in the Punjab Government.

After his retirement, he served for over six years in the National Re-construction Bureau of Government of Pakistan. As a consultant, he contributed studies and solutions on many issues of national  importance.

His passion for finding solutions to problems, both big and small, is unabated. He continues to
write about them, offering practical solutions. His writings are available on
his blog.

He believed he was at his creative best while writing this book. You can find more useful articles and books on his personal blogs i.e.


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