Firaon Part 2 By M.A Rahat

Firaon Part 2 By M.A Rahat

Title of the novel is “Firaon” Part 2. Written by MA Rahat. An Urdu historic novel in pdf format. An exciting and surprising fiction for those who love the ancient history of Egypt. The most mysterious land of the phylum, which has the complete history of Egypt.

An amazing story of a mysterious researcher, Which book are self explanatory. Who was Professor ‘Zagh’?

A strange and mysterious bird “Shala Shalai” who was more cunning than the human being.

An amazing story of such a virgin. She was the prisoner of time and the ancient souls were her custodian. The custodian soul “Antaria” of the ancient history of Egypt, in the new modern era. A sacred secret, for knowing which historians were even ready to die.
Cleopatra 2nd placed her enemies in coffins after killing them. She was summoned by the court of souls and she went to the past of six hundred years. To read the complete story, download two parts of the novel in pdf format.


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