Feroz-ul-Lughat New Edition 4 Volumes Complete

Feroz-ul-Lughat New Edition 4 Volumes Complete

Book “ Feroz-ul-Lughat “new edition. Urdu to Urdu dictionary along with latest and modern compilations and additions. About 125000 old and new modern Urdu words meanings, compositions, expressions, conversations, belletristic and technical instructions support


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Well, perhaps, not child prodigies, but the horizon of the child will definitely expand. The ability to understand the world is directly connected with the lexicon: when we call things, we know their names, it’s easier to comprehend the essence of events. And as studies have shown , in children’s books the lexicon is one and a half times as large as the vocabulary used in television programs, and the vocabulary of university graduates is about as much richer. Expanding the lexicon through reading children’s literature not only develops the skills of a better understanding of what has been read, but also improves the intellect in general – in childhood and later in life. This is evidenced by tests conducted by researchers.

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