Devi Volume 3 By Abdul Qayyum Shaad

Devi Volume 3 By Abdul Qayyum Shaad

Title of the novel is the “Devi” Volume. 3. Written by Abdul Qayyum Shad. A mystery, suspense and horror story in Urdu.


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Devi Volume 4 By Abdul Qayyum Shaad


Ibn Arabi said: “The book frees the reader from his worries, and when a person reads, his fatigue disappears, what a wonderful companion she is if you retire with her! Do not be afraid that she will weave intrigues or bother you.” Abu Amr ibn al-Alya said: “Every time I went into a person’s room or passed by his door and saw him with a book in his hand, while his friend was sitting around, I always decided that he was smarter than his comrade. ” Abdullah ibn Abdul-Aziz ibn Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz narrated: “I have never met anything that would warn better than a grave, would bring pleasure more than a book, and it would be safer than the absence of communication.”

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