Cloning In The Light of Shariah By Islamic Fiqh Academy India

Cloning In The Light of Shariah

The Islamic Light on Shariah “Presented by Islamic Fiqh Academy India.” Edited Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi.

Human cloning or human photocopying is one such highly sensitive issue. It is indeed a matter of satisfaction that Muslim jurists are also not oblivious of the moral dimensions of this new development. They are too busy in finding the guidance of Shariah on this issue of vital importance.

In this connection a seminar held at Darul-Beha, Morocco with the cooperation of Kuwait and Morocco
deserves appreciation. The seminar, organized by the Organization of Islamic Medicines, Kuwait and the Institute of Humanities of Morocco, deliberated upon the issue and adopted some resolutions offering
Islamic guidance.

It would be pertinent to mentioning that the Organization of Islamic Medicines, Kuwait has been
actively engaged in finding solutions to vexed contemporary problems and has held many such seminars in the last few years. Similarly the Islamic Fiqh Academy under the Organization of the Islamic Conference on the subject

The Islamic Fiqh Academy, (India) too has contributed to this debate. The Academy in its 10th Fiqhi
Seminar held at Mumbai from the 24th to the 27th of October 1997 deliberated upon this sensitive
issue and passed some prudent resolutions.

Present booklet is a compilation of the papers in the seminar organized by the Academy.

In addition, the resolutions passed in the Mumbai seminar, the present compilation also includes the
translations of the resolutions adopted by the Morocco seminar and the Islamic
Fiqh Academy, Jeddah. Some experts also attended the the subject.

Presentations of these experts have also been included. Therefore present volume seeks to introduce the subject as well as the courtesy of the Ulemas.

The debate on the issue of cloning is continuing. New researchers in the field are further dimensions to the
debate. We are contributing to this debate with the view to provide guidance the coming days, insha’Allah. May 1945. Allah make the present Endeavor of the Academy? useful to the humankind and the Academy may continue its endeavors (Ameen)

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