Changez Khan history in Urdu

Changez Khan” Written by Maqsood Sheikh. A complete biography and history of Changez Khan Mangol General. His real name was “Tamojan” which meaning is “The Iron Worker”. He was born in 1162 in the Reagen of “Aanan”.


This change is Khan in Urdu language. You can download the complete book from the next link in PDF format to read offline.


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After all, the book is not only interesting, but also fun and very exciting. When you open the first pages of the work, you immerse yourself in incredible adventures and travel to different countries and even epochs. Yes, you can read e-books, but it’s completely different. Here, imagine, you were presented with a colorful and entertaining book for your birthday, opening it as if you were entering another reality, empathizing with heroes, enjoying their successes and laughing with them.

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