The Art of Islamic Banking And Finance by Yahia Abdul Rehman

The Art of Islamic Banking And Finance by Yahia Abdul Rehman

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“The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance” book Written by Yahia Abdul Rehman. This book  is about riba/ribit-free banking, or RF banking, a new brand of banking and finance service. It can be identified as a faith-based, socially responsible approach to banking. It is a service that aspires to serve all people of all faiths and backgrounds. It is believed that there is great demand for RF banking in the United States and the West, as well as in many developing nations worldwide. RF banking is a system that is not built on renting money at a price called the interest rate, but on renting a tangible asset, such as homes, tools and equipment, and businesses.

This book is for all people of all faiths. Many may think that Islamic banking is for the Muslims only and that Islamic banking is a gateway to the significant wealth amassed by the oil-producing countries in the Gulf. That is not true! And that is why I am writing this book. Click on the following link to download this book in pdf.


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