Amir Temur By Muhammad Inayat Ullah

Amir Temur By Muhammad Inayat Ullah

Book name is “Amir Temur” Urdu translation of the “Tamerlane: The Earth Shaker” which was written by Harold Lamb. Urdu translation by Muhammad Inayat Ullah. A biography of the famous Muslim commander “Amir Temur Lang”. A bright history of Islam in the south Asia. Learn in Urdu pdf.


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Children who read “from under the cane” in elementary school will happily forget about books as soon as the parent and school control is completed. And the information that a person comprehends “through strength” does not leave a trace in his soul. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the child the love of reading, and this is almost entirely in the hands of moms and dads.

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