Akbar Badshah Ke 9 Ratan By Amir Ali Khan

Akbar Badshah Ke 9 Ratan By Amir Ali Khan

The name of the book is “Akbar Badshah Ke 9 Ratan (Nine Gems of Akbar)” Written by Amir Ali Khan. This book is containing short but comprehensive history and biographies of 9 most popular ministers of the Mughal King Jalal Uddin Akbar. Learn about the life of Raja Birbal, Shaikh Mubarak, Shaikh Faizi, Abdul Fazal, Mulla Abdul Qadir Badayuni, Raja Todar Mal, Abdur Rahim Khan e Khana, Raja Man Singh and Miyan Tansen in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.


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