Adab Aur Asri Hessiat By Dr. Aagha Sohail

Adab Aur Asri Hessiat By Dr. Aagha Sohail Pdf Free Download

Urdu book “ ” Adab Aur Asri Hessiat “Written by Dr.A. Aagha Sohail is a beautiful belletristic book on Urdu Adab. Click on the link below to download this book as Pdf file.



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Reading does not change it completely (my “criticometer” is still in good condition, and this is after decades of constant reading), but it will help you think about before you judge. And sympathize without thinking. Because when you experience other lives through books, you begin to see other lives in the world around you. Life, of which you did not know anything before. You have a little more understanding. Slightly more interest. A little less “we are against them” and much more “we are all together”.

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