Punjab University Date Sheet 2022

Punjab University Date Sheet 2022

Now we are entering in the time where our voltage level will rise. Everyone involuntarily gets stressed before the exam. Meeting after meeting, the director, together with the teachers, talk about all the responsibility that rests with parents and children. The anxiety of teachers before exams is justified – after all, good performance in the exam is a high rating of the university. Anyways, we have gathered on this page for the Punjab University Date Sheets 2020. So, let’s come to the point. We have not heard updated information related Punjab University Date Sheets 2020. So we have to wait till the announcement for Punjab University Date Sheets 2020. We will share it with you as we get the information related from Punjab University Date Sheets 2020. There are many ways to cope with stress before the exam of Punjab University Date Sheets 2020, but they all work only if the main condition is met – a sense of security and safety from parents.

Of course, the main prevention of stress is a good preparation for the exam. And it begins long before the exams themselves.

All students, without exception, want to learn. To know is their natural desire.

The baby already has the mechanism of cognizing the world – to taste everything that is in the hand. And when it child become a young student and reach university level, it gradually becomes more complicated – to study mathematical functions, solve genetic problems in biology, study history, literature. But if the natural desire to know the world is violated, the child is given more and more difficult training. As a result, he may completely lose his ability to learn.

As a rule, such violations occur during stressful situations, when all the student’s forces go to deal with stress, and there is no longer any energy left for cognition and training. Each student has different mental characteristics. What is good for motivating one student, then another will not do any good at all, and sometimes it can even be destructive.

For example, students with a skin vector, are very mobile, active. This activity must be fully utilized. Stress for such a student, when he is forced to “sit upright”, and all his strength goes to cope with his natural activity, which he is also accused of. If you create an atmosphere of competition, be sure to reward for success, such students will better absorb the material, and their interest in learning will never disappear.

But the slow-moving student, who is assiduous in nature, on the contrary, cannot be urged on and rushed. For him, stress – if he is forced to do everything faster, then his strength is spent on struggling with his mental characteristics, which cannot be changed. He has a good memory, his learning ability is very high by nature. But if he does not receive support and fair praise for a job well done, he may even lose his desire to learn because of grievances.

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