Cute Status / Cute Whatsapp Status / SMS

Cute Status Whatsapp Status / SMS

Today our team is going to share with you the Cute Whatsapp Status / Cute SMS status as a text format, so that you can choose Cute Whatsapp Status / Cute SMS anyone from the below & use anywhere or where you want especially to wish someone on an event like mothers days / father’s day. These are the small happiness and as per the scientists, these little happiness have lot of value in our Cute. Our team is to share the Cute Whatsapp Status / Cute SMS just to enhance your enjoyment. So, let’s come to the point that is Cute Whatsapp Status / Cute SMS

Bhigi ankho se muskurane ma maza or ha,
Hasty hasty palken bhigone ma maza or ha,
Baat keh k tou koi b samajh jata ha,
Khamoshi koi samjhy tou maza or ha.


if sumone calls u crazy,dont mind,
if sumone calls u duffer,relax,
if sumone calls u stupid be cool,
but if sumone calls u ?cute?
lagana thappar os pagal ke monh pe,
mazak ki b koi hud hoti hai





23 age of boy proposed a girl.
Girl: Get lost

3 years old boy proposed a girl.
Girl: Awww how cute… Yes i will do.


U Look
Cute When
U Read
U Read
N Smile
But U
U Read
Smile N
Reply Soo Try
2 Look


A memory is golden
A memory is golden,
maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories.
I only wanted you sweet as a rose,
cute as a kitten is what you are.


I can lie 2others, but nt 2u.
I do have many brothers…
but none as SWEET as you.


( . . ) BEAR
( ‘ ” ‘ ) HUG!!
Cute dear to hug my friend..


A “”cute”” promise to u
Hey Buddy…My dear Pal
“”I’ll be your friend till the episode comes in which tom finally eats jerry..


A cute boy asks a fallen rose:
Don’t u get hurt wen u r plucked?

Rose replied: No I forget my pain thinking that
i am the reason for someones smile.


Cute Ans. by Child in School Interviewer:
Teacher: What is your mother’s name?
Kid: Kabhi naam nahi puchha,
pyar se MAA kehta hu


Cute Nursery ke student ne Exam sheet pe SUSU kar Diya.
Teacher: Ye kya kiya hai?
Student: Mummy ne kaha tha ki Pehle jo aa raha ho wahi karna!


I want to pick you from the phone
and want to hug you tight.
I want to tell you, you and
your love is the whole asset of my life.
I love you and to be your forever.


Nahiii pata Zindagiii k is saFaR ka kab satH choR jaye..!!!

Hamesha zindagi ko kam smjh k jiya kaRo kbhiii gham E dunia say wasta nhii hoGa..!!!


Woh Ashk Ban K meri Chashm e Tar Mein Rehta Hai,,,,????
Ajeeb Shakhs Hai Paani K Ghar Me Rehta Hai????


Teri Muskharat ko Hum Apni Muhabat Samajh Bethy ?
Tera Muskrana Kheen Teri Adat Tw Nahi


How do I prevent calling or sending messages on WhatsApp? If there is no desire to receive calls from some contacts, blocking will be a good solution to the problem. The required parameter is available in the settings on the “My Account” page in the “Privacy” section. You need to select the “Blocked” list and study the instructions for blocking contacts. In the window that appears, you should click on the small sign in the upper right corner and indicate the contacts that are subject to being blacklisted. How do I know if someone has blocked WhatsApp? There is no direct way, but there are 4 factors by which blocking can be determined. By itself, this data is not particularly valuable, but together it makes it possible with a high degree of probability to determine the addition to the blacklist. We have already written about everything in detail, we suggest looking at the instructions in this material.

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