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Aagosh Poetry / Shayari in Urdu 2 Lines Aagosh Poetry & in English

Aagosh Poetry / Shayari in Urdu English

Today our team is going to share with you the Aagosh Lines Poetry / Shayari in Urdu & Aagosh Lines Poetry / Shayari in English as a text format, because this format is easy to pick and use the poetry as a status. Even you will be able to send to anyone easily. Just copy the poetry stanza & paste it anywhere like SMS / Whatsapp or other kind of status or stories. That’s why we have decided to share the Aagosh Lines   Poetry / Shayari in Urdu & Aagosh Lines Poetry / Shayari in English as a text format. Poetry is one of the best source to explain your emotions and views to others. In this way, we normally celebrate our little events of joy & happiness and even the memories. So, let’s come to the point that is Aagosh Lines Poetry / Shayari in Urdu & Aagosh or Defense Day Lines Poetry / Shayari in English.

Umar Jalwon Mēin Basar Ho Yēh Zaruri Toh Nahi
Har Shab ē Gham Ki Sēhēr Ho Yēh Zaruri Toh Nahi,
Nēēnd Toh Dard Kē Bistar Pē Bhi Aa Sakti Hai
Unkē Aagosh Mēin Sar Ho Yēh Zaruri Toh Nahi


Har Zakham Ki Aagosh Mēin Hai Dard Tumhara,
Har Dard Mēin Taskēēn Ka ēhsas Bhi Tum Ho


aagosh shayari in urdu
aagosh shayari in urdu

Tēri Aagosh Mē Mēra Sir Ho
Tēri Banhoo’n Mē Mēra Ghr Ho

Tēri Aankho Mē Khoya Rahu Shaam-O-Sēhrr
Tujh Sē Jo Bichru Aisa Koi Pēh’arr Na Ho

Rahu Tēra Saya Ban K Mē Hrr Jaga
Na Rahu Tērē Sath, Aisa Koi Shēh’arr Na Ho

Nēēnd Sē Jagun Or Na Paun Tujhē
Khuda Krē Mēri Zindagi Mē Aisi Koi Sēh’arr Na Ho

Tērē Rothnē Sē Mēri Zindagi Fanaa Ho Gi “”TABII””
Mēri Zindagi Mē Mujh Pē Itna B Kēh’arr Na Ho


mere aagosh me shayari
mere aagosh me shayari

“तुमको देखा एक नजर हमने होश पा लिया,
अपनी पलकों में तेरा आगोश पा लिया,
हम दर्द को पीते हैं तेरा दर्द समझकर,
आंखो ने छलकने का जोश पा लिया….”


“ये दूरी और हमसे सही नहीं जाती,
तेरे पास आने को दिल करता है….”


“भुला कर सारे दुनिया भर के ग़मों को,
तेरे आगोश में सो जाने को दिल करता है….”


tere aagosh me shayari
tere aagosh me shayari

Aē Kabristaan Tērē Aagosh Mēin Itna Sannata Kyu Hai
Log To Apni Jaan Dēkar Bhi Tujhē Aabad Kartē Hain!


Tēray aagosh mēin mil jayē panah
Hēy hum itnē kush nasēēb kahan



It is much easier for poetic associations to declare themselves, publish a collection, organize a performance, festival or competition than singles. Such organizations are especially useful at the initial stage of poetry . Over time, negative tendencies can also appear in them, especially if society does not expand, everyone begins to stew in their own juice, authoritative “ringleaders” begin to rule the ball, and certain opinions and tastes take the form of immutable laws. The new and the unusual is perceived with hostility, speech begins about “betrayal of ideals” and creative development is inhibited. Almost all talented poets grew out of their circles and directions, as they grow out of children’s clothes.

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