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Socrates Quotes / Sayings in English

Socrates / Sukrat Quotes

Today we are going to share with you the most famous person in the history named as Socrates / Sukrat Quotes. Socrates in English and Sukrat in Urdu. We have collected almost 300+ Socrates Quotes in English for our readers. So, lets read the socrates / sukrat quotes in English below:-

The less a person needs, the closer he is to the gods.

The poor man is not the one who does not have a penny in his pocket, but the one who does not have a dream.

The greatest victory is victory over your negative thinking.

Nobody is your friend, nobody is your enemy, but everyone is a teacher to you.

If they answered you with silence, this does not mean that they did not answer you.

Who wants – is looking for a way, who does not want – is looking for a reason.

Get married no matter what, If you get a good wife, you will be the exception, and if you are bad, you will become a philosopher.

Death is the greatest illusion of humanity, When we live – it is not there yet, when we died – it is already gone.

There is, that would live, and not live, that would be !!!

[pullquote align="left"]Be what you want to appear.

The height of the mountain you climbed is determined by the depth of the pit from which you climbed out.

Nature has endowed us with two eyes, two ears, but only one language, so that we look and listen more than we speak.

Surprise is the beginning of all wisdom.

Every person has a sun, Just let it shine.

How many things are there without which you can live!

[pullquote align="left"]There is only one good – knowledge, There is only one evil – ignorance.

Health is not everything, but everything without health is nothing.

Remember, all of humanity is inconsistent, then you will not be too happy about a happy fate, nor too sad because of failure.

Bad people live in order to eat and drink, virtuous people eat and drink in order to live.

The more I know people, the more I respect dogs.

The richest man is the one who is content with the small, because satisfaction is wealth given by nature.

Be content with the present, but strive for the best.

The warrior is acting. A fool protests.

I only know that I know nothing, but others do not know this either.

Envy is a plague of the soul.

Wealth and celebrity bring no dignity.

No one can learn anything from a person who doesn’t like it.

Knowledge is not mind.

Hunger is the best seasoning for food.

Secret sooner or later becomes apparent.

Beauty is the queen who rules for a very short time.

Since we do not know what death is, fearing it is illogical.

Only stupid people seek meaning in everything.

The highest wisdom is to distinguish between good and evil.

The sun has one drawback: it cannot see itself.

Knowing the truth, you involuntarily follow it. And from here you make the right decisions.

What a man is, such is his speech.

Speak to me to see you.

Whoever wants to move the world, let him move himself.

He who is wise is good.

Drinking does not give birth to vices: it reveals them. Happiness does not change morals: it emphasizes them.

If the wife is kind, you will become happy, and if you are quarrelsome, wise.

He who has an honest mindset and sharp mind is happy.

What is the use of wandering if you carry yourself everywhere?

[pullquote align="left"]If you intend to consult with someone about your affairs, first look at how this person is managing his own.

Why do people, knowing how to do well, do bad things?

[pullquote align="left"]Do not obey anyone’s advice, including this one.

The most perfect of people can be considered that person who strives for perfection; the happiest of people can be considered one who realizes that he is already achieving his goal.

There is no beauty, where there is no good and useful.

The sun has one drawback: it cannot see itself.

I only know that I do not know anything, but many do not even know this!

[pullquote align="left"]False words are not only insidious in themselves, but also infect the soul with evil.

Being content is our natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.

Nothing can harm a good person, either in life or after death.

Without friendship, no communication between people has value.

Just as it is impossible to start treating the eye without thinking about the head, or treating the head without thinking about the whole body, it is impossible to treat the body without healing the soul.

Man is the master of his own inner universe. And how wonderful, how responsible and how difficult it is to legally rule your own inner world, in comparison, with which any rule over an external state seems insignificant and does not deserve the attention of the wise.

The best family is when the wife is blind and the husband is deaf.

Win your friends not with flattery, but with sincere words of love.

Better to die courageously than to live in shame.

If you are inquisitive, you will be knowledgeable.

I am not Athenian, not Greek, I am a citizen of the world.

A good adviser is better than any wealth.

Life without trials is not life.

Haste done is rarely well done.

Ordinary logic says: if you are unhappy, then you have no happiness. And since you don’t have it, then go and look. Paradoxical logic says: if you go looking for happiness, then you will lose it! 

Just sit down and understand that you have it.


What I have made so many friends, guess! Do not you think that the modesty of my needs! On the contrary: the fury and perseverance with which I get my way every day.

Feel free to take my frenzy, exploring the inner world of a person, exposing his errors, looking for means to correct him. Do not swallow! Educate everyone who falls into your hands – let them know how to live.

To be able to live is a great art, friends: the first duty is to understand yourself, then those who surround you, and even clash with your opponents – and at the same time never lose your good mood.

Do not rush to equip your friends with the art of words, business experience, resourcefulness: it is necessary that they first firmly grasp the principles of morality. People who have these abilities without morality, I think, are more unfair and able to do evil to others.

Morality without good will, morality imposed under the threat of punishment, are worthless.

Marriage, to tell the truth, is evil, but evil is necessary.

Education is a difficult matter, and the improvement of its conditions is one of the sacred duties of every person, for there is nothing more important than the education of oneself and one’s neighbors.

Look into your own souls and find in them a spark of truth that the gods have placed in each heart and from which only you yourself can fan the flame.

Think, friends, how many creatures living on earth, in water and in the air, the gods made. But they created only one person like themselves. They gave him a perfect body, moreover, they gave him a soul, a treasure above all others.

They (teenagers) today adore luxury, they have bad manners and there is no respect for authorities.

They show disrespect for elders, loitering around and constantly gossiping.

They argue with their parents all the time, they constantly interfere in conversations and attract attention, they are voracious and tyranny of teachers.

You won’t believe it, but Socrates said that back in the 5th century BC.

Pleasure, luxury – that’s what you call happiness, and I think that wanting nothing is the bliss of the gods, and therefore needing only a little is an approximation to this highest happiness.

Life is an art for which mastery requires knowledge, knowledge of the goal to which one should strive.

The goal is happiness, which is the highest good, the totality of a number of blessings.

The goal is happiness, but happiness is identical to virtue: only a virtuous person is happy.

It would be nice for a person to examine himself how much he costs for friends, and to try to be as expensive as possible.

The life of the body is evil and false. And therefore, the destruction of this life of the body is a blessing, and we must desire it.

If a person monitors his own health, it is difficult to find a doctor who would know better what is good for his health than himself.

False words are not only insidious in themselves, but also infect the soul with evil.

I ask you what I know myself, for the fact that in any statement its partial negation is hidden and in any negation its partial affirmation.

Well, can you really see how dangerous it is to do or say something that you don’t know ?!

[pullquote align="left"]You really started a reckless enterprise, the most excellent of mine, to teach what you do not know and which you did not try to find out.

I’m wiser than this person, because I probably both don’t know anything good and effective, but he, not knowing, imagines that he knows something, and if I don’t know, I don’t imagine.

Since someone does not know anything, he must certainly be confused in his thoughts about this.

Once, even after receiving a kick, Socrates endured it, and when someone marveled, he replied: “If a donkey kicked me, would I have sued him?”

[pullquote align="left"]An evil person harms others without any profit for himself.

It is impossible to live better than spending life in an effort to become better.

To look into oneself is as necessary as to see the environment. A man must listen sensitively to himself in order to hear the inner voice with which the divine speaks in a man, warning against the dangers in which he, without such an inner voice, would plunge blindly. This inner voice is not only my advantage, not only my gift. My advantage over others is that I have a fine ear and I can listen well.

No man can hate another if he, as he knows, considers him moral.

Questions about natural phenomena are either not accessible to the human mind, or are not related to people’s lives.

Everything that a person says not from his own experience is not worthy of trust. Even if he quotes me.

It’s easier for people to keep hot coal in their tongue than a secret.


In clothes, try to be graceful, but not dandy; the sign of grace is decency, and the sign of grace is excess.


Everyone knows that for money you can buy shoes, but not happiness, food, but not appetite, bed, but not sleep, medicine, but not health, servants, but not friends, entertainment, but not joy, teachers, but not the mind.


It is better to undergo injustice than to commit it.


This is surprising: every person can easily say how many sheep he has, but not everyone will be able to tell how many friends he has – they are not so valuable.


People who are naturally weak bodily, through exercise, become stronger than strong men.


“What I understood is wonderful, from this I conclude that the rest that I did not understand is also beautiful”


[pullquote align="left"]If you get married or not, you still repent.


To be below oneself is nothing but ignorance, and to be above oneself is nothing but wisdom.


Kind people should be trusted with the word and reason, not an oath.


There is no beauty, where there is no good and useful.


The only thing that any honest person should be guided in his actions is that what he does is fair or unfair, and whether this is an act of a good or evil person.


We then get down to business when we think that we know it, and if anyone thinks that he does not know the business, then he transfers it to another. And this kind of people, with all their ignorance, never fall into errors precisely because they rely on others.

Not knowing and thinking as if you know is the most shameful of all ignorance, it is the cause of evil and then everything is more evil and shameful when it comes to the most important.

Have you ever seen a person who is wise in something, not be able to do so and the other? Isn’t that, for example, the one who taught you to read and write: he himself was an expert on it, and made you like that, and any other, as soon as he wanted?

[pullquote align="left"]This is a good proof of the ability when a person who is skilled in some business is able to make the other skillful.

Only the prudent will know about himself and will be able to experience what he knows and what is not, and he will also be able to consider others in the same way: that someone truly knows, and therefore considers himself to be knowledgeable, and that, on the contrary , only thinks to know, really does not know; of the others, no one is able to solve this. This is what prudent behavior and prudence itself, and self-knowledge, consists precisely in order to know what you know and what you do not know.

The love of a woman should be more afraid than the hatred of a man. This is poison, all the more dangerous because it is pleasant.

Strong passions often give rise to mortal hatred.

Desire and love have objects or qualities as objects that a person does not currently possess, but which he lacks.

Being content is our natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.

The Creator in his works must express the state of mind.

Also be careful that people, noticing your disrespect to your parents, do not despise you together, and that you don’t have any friends at all, because as soon as they notice your ingratitude to your parents, no one can be sure that by doing good to you business will receive thanks.


Our youth loves luxury, it is badly brought up, it taunts the authorities and does not at all respect the elderly. Our current children have become tyrants, they do not get up when an elderly person enters the room, they cross over to their parents. Simply put, they are very bad.


A good start is not a trifle, even though it starts with a trifle.


Flames burn with the wind, and attraction with proximity.


When the word does not hit, then the stick will not help.


Clarity is the main virtue of speech. (Aristotle) ​​What I understood is excellent; I think that what I didn’t understand is the same. Universal review of difficult work – especially if you think this complexity is meaningless (Wasserman)


[pullquote align="left"]Young people should often look in the mirror: beautiful, so as not to shame their beauty, ugly – in order to brighten up disgrace with education.


I want to use gymnastics of the whole body to make it more balanced.


Wisdom is the queen of heaven and earth.


Which man, being a slave to pleasures, does not pervert his body and soul.


Human wisdom is worth little or nothing at all.


The purpose of philosophy is not to speculate speculations and build a picture of the world, but to reveal how people should live, how to be guided, how to influence others and themselves. Everyday life of man is an art. Basic knowledge should be directed at oneself, at the activity of one’s soul in the search for the truth and meaning of life.


It is amazing that the sculptors of stone statues fight to give the stone the likeness of a person, and do not think about not being like the stone themselves.


He is the richest who is satisfied with the small, for such contentment testifies to the wealth of nature.


Did I tell people everything I wanted? What I wanted – probably yes. But did I state everything I had to say? Much of what has been said in the past has a stronger effect today – and will not lose its effect in the future. Time is an inexorable bookkeeper: tirelessly monitors, calculates what has been completed and what remains. I still have a lot, a lot of my Conversations with young people so that they can do better, find out what kindness and justice are, and be guided by this, not in words but in deeds, so that over time perhaps lead the whole state.


Each of us has a natural tendency to notice our own defects less than the others.

Time cuts Gordian knots better than any sword.

The future is fraught with miracles of good and beauty, but their creators are those who turn their imagination to them, their dreams, bold thoughts, poetic gift and the power of words.

No need to see the world in black colors!

[pullquote align="left"]A person should hope rather than despair.

Do they only hunt animals? A man has been hunting for something all his life. Every hour, every day, his catch is all knowledge, every particle of beauty! Man and man are caught by Life – an endless trap, remember!

It is necessary to deal with man. But at the same time, it is important who looks at the person as a person and which ideas feed him.

It is not enough one knowledge that people become fair and virtuous, that they feel good, and with them the whole state. For the good of the individual and for the good of the whole state, something else entirely is required.

When at a feast a person sips wine with friends and has fun, looking at a magician, he does not need to strain his will in order to maintain a good mood – it keeps itself. But I advise, in addition, to maintain a good mood even in the most difficult hours of life.

You often hear – I advise everyone to satisfy for the sake of observing my beloved moderation. But now I want to bequeath to you my passion: be passionate, striving to perfect a person. Be so – teach people not tricks, but wisdom, for she is the sister of virtue.


Little knowledge! Learn how to catch friends, how to win their hearts: do not stretch out your hands to a person – you will scare them away. Make sure that the person you want to attract himself reaches out to you.

You cannot force anyone into friendship or love by force, and there are no spells for this.

Insincerely flattering a person, very soon you will expose yourself. Do good to your victim! Be patient and affectionate with her! Give some advice! Help!

You can’t attract vile little people in any way like a handout; and noble people are likely to be disposed to you by affectionate treatment.

He who understands that without being moral, he will not keep friendship, he should take more care of virtue.


The only thing that any honest person should be guided in his actions is that what he does is fair or unfair, and whether this is an act of a good or evil person.

It is prudent who knows how he should act better. You yourself, as far as prudent, so much happier.

Today’s youth are accustomed to luxury, they are distinguished by bad manners, despise authorities, disrespect elders, children argue with adults, greedily swallow food, and harass teachers.

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