MSc Mathematics Notes on Measure Theory

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Note: Today, in the post-industrial, technotronic era, a new symbol of social wealth appears, which under these conditions is the decisive force for further economic development. Such is the microchip – the nerve cell of the computer. Its material, material force is negligible – it is a crystal of silicon, a grain of sand. But this grains of sand are embedded in a chip – the highest achievement of technical intelligence, and this is the high value of such a grain of sand. The same circumstance reveals the decisive force (“tool”) of social production of the technotronic epoch – the highly developed intellect of man. Mankind still can not live without bread and metal. He still needs the power of man and the power of the mechanisms. And of course, intellect invariably led a person along the road of civilization. However, today it acts as an independent, decisive force of social production. Neither the amount of coal and steel, nor the growth of the crop, does not solve the issue of the level of development of society, its creative potential. But if today the “intellect decides everything”, then the society and its institutions (education, upbringing), which are called to reproduce the spiritual wealth of society, preserve the achieved level of knowledge and intensively develop it, prepare those who will do all this – then this is the society with which such highly effective educational systems will be able to occupy and preserve a worthy place in today’s world.

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