How to Choose a Luxury Watch?

Precious watches are no longer rare or difficult to find except that with the multiplication of scammers, it is difficult to trust the first seller who will present his products to you. So before making your choice you must find out about the store or the site where you want to buy your watch, you must also find out about the guarantee and the authenticity of its product but you must also know how to evaluate the product or the watch. so that you have the best for you. The choice of the watch does not depend on the taste of the person only, you must take into consideration certain essential criteria to have a solid and durable watch, we present to you here the most important:

Manufacturing materials
Luxury watches are quite expensive, and this for the materials used which generally contain gold and sometimes even precious pearls and diamonds. You must check if the watch is genuine as you must require a certificate of authenticity. You should also check if your watch is strong enough and resistant to various shocks and splashes, see the bracelet and the case.

Luxury watches are usually old and used even, and this may cause precision problem for the watch especially for automatic watches whose operation system is quite complicated. Choose a watch with an optimized system to reduce time gaps or even eliminate them. The accuracy also depends on the brand, so you have to be careful which brand you are going to choose, find out about the reputation of the brand and the operating system it uses. There are two types of automatic and quartz operation system. The quartz movement is a Japanese technology based on the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, known for its high precision and high quality, quartz watches work with batteries.

The operation of the watch has a great effect on the accuracy of the watch as mentioned above but also on the durability of the watch. You don’t need a precious watch that doesn’t work or bugs every 5 minutes. The internal components of the watch determine the reliability of the operation so you must choose a new watch or an old watch optimized with a more solid and synchronized system.

Comfort remains the first criterion to check, you cannot wear a watch all day if you are not comfortable with it, especially if you are on the move all the time. First, check the weight of the watch if it isn’t heavy enough for you. Check the width and width of the bracelet and evaluate them according to your wrist circumference. Do not forget to also check the format of the box which can be either too large or too small.

How to use a luxury watch?

Using the watch is simple for you, just wear it and watch the time. But you should know that you will have to take some too. Be aware that the majority of luxury watches are quite old, their mode of operation is often automatic. These models are quite valuable and the components used inside the case are often very valuable and not readily available now so you should really be careful. Its operation is quite complex, which explains their high price on the market. Here are some steps to follow:

Prepare the watch
After receiving the watch, check directly whether it is the model you have chosen and whether it is running or not. Also check if the time is correct and does not have a large time gap. Monitor the movement of the watch for some time and check if it does not stop suddenly or has huge lags even after setting it. In case of problem do not hesitate and quickly contact your stores or report it to the site where you got your watch.

Go back in time
Automatic luxury watches all have manual time winding that allows you to decrease or remove lag or restart your watch at the exact time. To start the time winding, find the button or the screw which is usually on the right of the case, pull it outwards but do not use a form, so you have blocked the watch and you can turn the hands and point them to the time you want. Once you have the correct time press the screw and push it inside to fix the hands and start the watch again. If the watch has multiple sub-dials you will have selection buttons alongside the screw to select the function dial you want to adjust.

Start the watch
If your precious watch is automatic, it will need your wrist movements but it does not require effort, just wear it. But in this case your watch may stop if you don’t wear it for so long, in this case you will have to start it again, by shaking it or only wear it for a while. then go back in time once it works. If your watch has a quartz movement, you will need to change the battery. To do this you just have to open the case which sometimes requires a screwdriver but don’t worry the watch batteries sometimes last more than a year.

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