What is an Entity?

What is an Entity?

Anything about which we want to store data is called entity. It can be a person, place or event etc. Entity always has a unique name with in a domain.




Talking about the practical benefits of his research, Jokers points out that, for example, such a “formal” genre as a love story goes beyond the framework of the scheme “Boy meets Girl” (this name is borrowed from Vonnegut’s lecture). It prevails in two meta-narratives out of six, while avoiding a distinct concentration in one of them. It can be said that the romance novel uses all six stories more or less evenly.”
“Read books – and you will be happy!
Some people tend to think that reading special books can change their destiny – this is not the case. In fact, only reading good and interesting books can change the fate and even the state of brain activity.

the state of brain activity can only be changed by reading good and interesting books

No books like “”How to Grab Luck by the Tail””, “”How to Become Fabulously Rich”” or “”How to Get Married”” will not help change your life, this has now been scientifically proven. But reading good literature, fascinating novels written by talented writers, magic poems has an effect on the brain, and noticeable not only on a subjective level, but also on a physiological one.

Read books – and you will be happy!

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